Saturday, July 22, 2006

Diana Irey Says to Pennsylvania Voters:
We Don't Know Jack

Here is the latest press release from Diana Irey for congress and it has some interesting facts regarding some of Murtha's recent positions & votes pertaining to some hotbed issues not only in Pennsylvania but countrywide for that matter. Jihad Jack seems to be lurching more leftward by the minute which should concern his homestate constituency.

DIANA IREY ◊ U.S. CONGRESS :: News: "(MONONGAHELA, July 19) – Washington County Commissioner and Pennsylvania 12th district Republican Congressional nominee Diana Irey – anticipating this afternoon’s vote on H.R. 2389, the Pledge Protection Act of 2006 – today released the following statement:

“Does Jack Murtha remember that he’s representing southwestern Pennsylvania – not San Francisco?

“Yesterday Jack Murtha broke faith with the residents of Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District – again! – when he voted against a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage. Today he has an opportunity to begin to make up for that broken faith, by voting in support of the Pledge Protection Act of 2006, legislation that would amend Federal law to deny jurisdiction to any Federal court, and appellate jurisdiction to the Supreme Court, to rule on cases involving questions about the Pledge of Allegiance or its constitutionality.

“I urge Jack Murtha to vote ‘YES’ in support of the Pledge Protection Act.

“But I am troubled – because I see that Jack Murtha has already voted against even CONSIDERING this legislation on the floor of the House.[1]

“What in the world is he thinking? Is he really SO determined to become Majority Leader that he’s willing to ignore the will of his own constituents – just to curry favor with the liberal politicians who can help him achieve his own personal political agenda, even at the expense of his constituents?

“If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times already in this campaign – Jack Murtha has been gone too long, and he’s out of touch. He no longer represents the values and ideals of the people of the 12th district and this vote against traditional marriage is just the latest example. He is far more concerned with ingratiating himself with the only voters he now cares about – the House Democratic caucus – than he is with us.

“There are 111 days left in this campaign. The good news is, that’s plenty of time to make sure the voters of the 12th District know just who Jack Murtha really is.”"

Disclaimer: Although this website is not affilliated with the Diana Irey campaign in any way, we are in full support of John Murtha's removal from his congressional post this November by the voters of Pennsylvania, that's for sure. And Diana Irey will be the candidate that will have to unseat his fat @##.