Monday, July 24, 2006

Surrender Monkey Murtha continues his campaign for defeat

Jihad Jack continues on his the detriment of our troops, and to the comfort of our enemies:
Speaking before a receptive audience of Rockingham County Democrats, U.S. Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania said he is more confident than ever in his belief that America needs to withdraw its troops from Iraq as soon as possible.

Several hundred Democrats, including three congressional hopefuls vying for Jeb Bradley’s seat, turned out to hear Murtha, a 15-term Democrat and former Marine (emphasis mine). Speaking at a news conference and then a speech, Murtha hammered at President Bush for refusing to consider pulling troops out of Iraq in the near future. Murtha has suggested withdrawing troops as soon as possible and redeploying them around the region, ready to return to Iraq if it is needed.

“(The Iraqis will) settle it themselves,” Murtha said. “What makes you think it’s going to get any better if we stay. Only they can fix it.”

Ohhhh... I don't know, Mr. Murtha. Why don't you tell that to Zarqawi?
Murtha said America has become an occupying force, and the American presence only serves to make the situation worse. The American presence helps the insurgency find recruits, he said, adding he believes all indicators show that the situation is worse than when America first invaded Iraq in 2003.

(yeah, I know I use this image a lot, but it says it all--ed.)

While Murtha was adamant in his belief that the deployment of American troops in Iraq is only intensifying the conflict, he said he resented being personally attacked, and said he is a tireless supporter of the troops. (So was Tokyo Rose, in her mind--ed. And by the way, just whose troops are you supporting with your rhetoric, Mr. Murtha??) Murtha told the crowd that he visits injured soldiers in military hospitals every week, and he is “inspired” by many of them for their courage and commitment to country.

If your so damned "inspired" by them, Mr. Murtha, why don't you honor their mission for which they sacrificed?? Why do you keep on giving aid and comfort to their enemies?
Murtha said his motivation for wanting a withdrawal of troops from Iraq is that he is concerned the armed forces are being weakened by their extended deployments.
That's your motivation, Mr. Murtha??

Or is your "motivation" arising from your desire to focus issues away from other unpleasant circumstances?
Too many Americans are being injured or killed, and many will face severe post-traumatic stress disorders when they return, he said. The debate should not be made political, Murtha said.
Which has happened in every conflict since time in memoriam, Jack. It is you who have chosen to make it political through your not-so-veiled ambitions.
”I go by Arlington National Cemetery every day on my way home, and the gravestones don’t say Republican or Democrat,” he said. “They say American.”

Tim Ashwell, of Durham, said he had seen Murtha speak many times on television and was impressed with seeing him for the first time in person.

“(Withdrawal and redeployment) is a broadly agreed-to policy by Democrats and most Republicans,” Ashwell, who is the chairman of the Durham Democratic Committee, said. “What is there to argue with?” (emphases added)

What the hell has he been smoking?
At least 200 Rockingham County Democrats turned out for the event, which was sponsored by the Hampton Democratic Committee. Attendees paid $10 to $15 to attend, and local candidates benefited from the fundraiser.

Carol Shea-Porter, Gary Dodds and Jim Craig, all Democratic candidates for Rep. Jeb Bradley’s seat in the First Congressional District, made appearances. All endorsed Murtha’s message in short stump speeches.

Porter mocked Bradley as being out of touch with his constituents over the Iraq issue.

”Jeb Bradley is apparently the only person left in New Hampshire who thinks the war is going well,” she said, voicing support for Murtha’s idea of redeployment (to Okinawa--ed). “We are ahead of the politicians on this (idea) and we will prevail.”

I see that the Al Qaeda fan club has turned out in force in New Hampshire... But don't you just love it (sarc) when Murtha and the pro-terrorist left hitch their political wagons to the prospect of U.S. defeat during wartime? You want these bozos in charge of national security?
Dodds said he has supported Murtha’s position since 2005 and told the crowd he saw no other option but to pull troops.

Craig also echoed a belief that there is widespread support for a plan like Murtha’s.

“We all know we have to get out of Iraq who doesn’t know that?” he asked.

So said the lemmings...but ain't it a caution how a liberal democrat politician's opinion can mysteriously change, given the audience, and given barely a week's time...

Few Dems embrace Murtha's

position on Iraq

MANCHESTER, N.H. --Carol Shea-Porter calls anti-war congressman John Murtha "a profile in courage," but she stands all but alone among Democratic congressional hopefuls in the state.

But I digress:
Gary and Lenore Patten, of Hampton, who volunteered for the congressman in his home district in Pennsylvania during his first run for office in 1973, invited Murtha to the Granite State. David and Elaine Ahern, of Hampton Falls, hosted the gathering, which included a picnic lunch under a tent. (question is, did anyone manage to keep it down?--ed.)

Murtha is not running for President (gawwwd!!!--ed.), Gary Patten said yesterday. The visit was to rally supporters behind local candidates and raise money, he said.

Murtha has announced his plans to challenge Nancy Pelosi for the job of majority leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, if Democrats win control of the chamber this November.

And therein, IMO, lies Murtha's "motivation"--in a nutshell--pun intended.


The Portsmouth Herald Local News also heralds Murtha's seditious rhetoric:

Rep. calls U.S. Iraqi occupier 'We've become occupiers"™

Chris Outcalt

HAMPTON FALLS -- Congressman John P. Murtha's message was clear: Iraq's security situation cannot be solved by the U.S. military.

"The Iraqis must take control of their own future," said Murtha, D-Pa., during a press conference Sunday. "The situation is getting worse and the president has no plan to make it better. We've become occupiers." (emphasis added)


The lunatic left are wondering why more dems aren't taking Murtha's lead...

Could it be that they don't want to be (rightly) labeled as seditious during a time of war?