Friday, July 21, 2006

Tribune-Review Readers Oppose Murtha

At the start of this week, I posted a commentary on a puff piece about John Murtha that appeared in Sunday's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Some Trib readers were as outraged by that article as we here at MMG, judging by the letters to the editor in this morning's paper.

From a gentleman in Ford City, PA:

In your Sunday Focus magazine that heaped upon U.S. Rep. John Murtha unwarranted praise ("Murtha's moment," July 16 and, there was omitted Murtha's other achievements that, in my opinion, produce much misery for America's military men and women in harm's way.

Remember, Murtha took credit for persuading President Clinton to retreat from Somalia in 1993. Those emboldened by America's apparent meekness have killed thousands of Americans and injured thousands more, military and civilian alike.

Possessed Islamic fanatics, sensing weakness, detonated bombs in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan and Iraq. Our citizens and soldiers have been murdered and mutilated. The USS Cole, our embassies, consulates, civilian aircraft and other government and private property have all been targets.

Now Murtha demands a retreat of our military from Iraq, even in the face of pending victory. Murtha's answer is for America to run away to Okinawa, Japan, 4,900 miles away.

The hate-America crowd wails "No blood for oil." I say "No blood for pork." The unwarranted and dangerous lust for pork must take a back seat to national security. Responsible voters must put the lives of our military men ahead of what little benefit they derive from Murtha's handouts and boot Murtha in November.

Another reader, from Oakmont, PA, had this to say:

Congressman John Murtha served our country with honor during an unpopular war and during peace.

But something has fundamentally changed in the congressman. Murtha's recent conduct does not strive for honor, nor is it honorable. I have read and pondered his various statements of dissent regarding our current operations in Iraq. His arguments are specious and based upon partisan politics rather than on any comprehensive military strategy or a sensible wartime foreign policy.

I believe Murtha's position is rooted in an odious disregard of President Bush and a desire for his own 15 minutes of fame rather than on something more thoughtful and defendable. It is unfortunate that our soldiers have had to listen to his disheartening, opportunistic drivel while they risk their lives for an honorable cause, just as he himself did once upon a time.

Excellent. These gentlemen have it right. I hope to see more letters like this whenever the Trib runs another clandestine endorsement of Murtha's re-election bid.