Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Fable of John Murtha

Murtha, who has handily won re-election in his district since time immemoriam, has become comfortable in his digs. Perhaps a little too comfortable. For Murtha, rather than focusing on the needs of and campaigning in his own congressional district this election year, will instead be focusing on the districts of 41 other democrats:
To raise profile, Murtha will stump for 41 Dems

Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), who has suspended his race to become majority leader in the event that the Democrats capture the House, plans to campaign in 41 races around the country where he said party leaders believe he can be helpful.

This is a dramatic increase in activity for Murtha, who did not campaign for House candidates in 2004, according to his spokeswoman.

Now this is interesting. Why would Murtha, who has kept quite to himself lo these many latter congressional terms, suddenly want a high profile? Are his intentions pure as the wind driven snow, and are they in line with the interests of Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District?

Helping Democratic candidates could pay dividends in a race for majority leader against Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.).

Murtha says he thinks such a race is likely and told The Hill that if the election were held now Democrats would be catapulted into the majority.

“If it was today, we’d win 50 seats,” he said, adding that Democratic strategists have assessed the field of competitive races in which they think he can help.

“In 41 seats they think I can help,” he said. “They’ve got it narrowed.”

Murtha said he plans to campaign in all of them. He also said, “I’m going to where Nancy sends me,” referring to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

And what about "conservative" John Murtha's new role as "lap dog" for Nancy Pelosi, who is arguably one of the most liberal leaders in the House of Representatives? (HINT)

And what of the timing of Murtha's "come to jesus" moment about becoming judge, jury and executioner of Marines without due process having to "speak out" regarding the Haditha affair?

...after seeing the Da Vinci Code this weekend, my mind was unwilling to let Murtha off the hook so easily.

There was a conspiracy somewhere—but where?

Then it struck me. Nancy Pelosi, inventor and architect of the Culture of Corruption, has been under a great deal of pressure lately because of William J. Jefferson.

Remember, Jefferson is one of the few politicians in history to be caught on video receiving $100,000 in bribes and then staunchly defended by the Speaker of the House and President of the United States.

The fact that Jefferson is a Democrat, whereas his two powerful allies are Republicans, added to the intrigue.

Today’s news brought further enlightenment: Pelosi, jabbing hard at Jefferson to resign from the House Ethics Committee, had been backed into a corner by the Black Caucus.

Seems that esteemed body, in retaliation for Pelosi’s attack on one of the brothers, threatened to campaign vigorously against Pelosi this Fall.

Such a move could render all that ‘Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House’ stationery nearly as obsolete as her last three face-lift surgeries.

Cunning political animal she is, Pelosi cleverly agreed to back off Jefferson after receiving assurances the Black Caucus would not campaign against her.

What does John Murtha have to with all this?

Think about it: How much coverage did the Pelosi-Black Caucus deal get in the MSM?

How about zero? Nada?

And that is because John Murtha timed his public assault on the Marines perfectly. Perfect, that is, to keep Pelosi’s backroom wheeling and dealing off the front pages.

How did I figure all that out? Its called Symbology, a sophisticated new-age science featured in Da Vinci Code.

Here is how it works: Backwards, the names Murtha and Pelosi spell Ahtrum Isolep.

According my calculations, Ahtrum Isolep means ‘Bait and Switch.’

And that says it all!
After his near "brush with death" in the Abscam affair and his subsequent re-elections to the House, like the Hare in the fable, John Murtha began to feel ever-so invincible, no--immortal. But the bad thing about delusions regarding invincibility and immortality is thus: The holder of those delusions inevitably engages in miscalculations and poor judgment, ultimately leading to the demise of the one so deluded.

John Murtha has calculated that by selling out his fellow Marines and giving aid and comfort to our enemies, the former nondescript congressman will gain notoreity and favor with the leftist powerbrokers in the democrat party. At the same time, he calculated that his past military service and "conservative credentials" would give him cover for his seditious misdeeds and still curry him favor and leave him with sufficient "markers" that would placate his largely conservative, military constituency. Not only that, but so comfortable is John Murtha in his perceived invincibility to carry his district with little or no direct campaigning, that he calculated that it would be safe for him to stump for 41 other democrats in other districts to gain himself extra leverage in his quest to become majority leader, should the fabled "democrat takeover" of Congresss actually become a reality. And even if that reality didn't occur, Murtha couldn't lose in his home district, so he'd still have a job, right?

But like the "hare" of the "Tortoise and the Hare" fame, Murtha's delusions of invincibility and political immortality have led him to making errant, politically deadly calculations.

And like the Hare, Murtha will more than likely be surprised when he approaches the "finish line" come November and finds Diana Irey the next congressman from Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District.