Friday, July 21, 2006

Murtha: The New Cindy Sheehan...

Despite the recent turnover of Iraqi provinces into full Iraqi control; despite the fact that Iraqis are now trusting the altruistic intentions of our soldiers; despite the fact that a substantial number of his democrat brethren are distancing themselves from his insanely seditious rhetoric; and despite his horrible track record in discerning effective military strategy, John Murtha continues on his relentless crusade to ensure our defeat in Iraq:

Murtha: US Staying in Iraq Helps Potential Enemies
By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
July 21, 2006

( - Pennsylvania anti-war Congressman John Murtha Thursday said the U.S. military's continued presence in Iraq is emboldening America's potential enemies by depleting American resources that could be used in other conflicts around the world.

"Who wants us in Iraq? North Korea, Iran, China, Russia and al Qaeda," Murtha told a luncheon gathering in Washington, D.C. Those entities, he added, believe that "as a nation, we are distracted, and as a world superpower, we're depleting our resources." See Video

This lamebrain has become Cindy Sheehan, Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally, all rolled into one! Murtha again keeps up the attack on the fitness of our military:
"Because of the war in Iraq, our military is overcommitted, stretched thin," Murtha added, noting that U.S.-led coalition forces have spent "more than three and a half years in Iraq."

"This is longer than the involvement in the Korean War, and soon will be longer than our participation in World War II," he said.
Murtha fails to mention that our deployment in Iraq has resulted in around 33,000 fewer American casualties than was the case in Korea. Murtha also fails to mention that in the space of only three years, our efforts in Iraq have resulted in a working fledgling democracy in a middle-eastern Arab country--much less of a time frame than it took our own nation in its infancy!

Yet, like Cindy Sheehan, Murtha has become drunk on notoriety following a less-than-stellar and less-than-ethical congressional career. And like Cindy Sheehan, Congressman John P. Murtha is willing to use his position to dance on the graves and sacrifices of our fallen to extend his 15 minutes of newfound fame, even to the point of becoming a cariacature of himself.

But Murtha's seditious and self-serving antics will be his undoing, for what goes around comes around. And Like I've stated before, Murtha will know the true meaning of "Karma" when he himself is "redeployed" come November.