Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why Murtha Must Go!! Part 2:

I just got a call from my kid in Iraq today--he reports that things are going well, and that local Iraqis are fully cooperating with them in finding the bad guys. Quite a change from even a month ago. Doug reports that incidents of fire against troops are near zero, and he says that the people there are really trusting the soldiers, and know that the soldiers are there to help them.

If Murtha had his way, the soldiers would be gone, and Zarqawi would be running the show, pure and simple. Even more than that, like what happened in Gulf War I, the freedom loving Iraqis would be held to the point of a gun, or to the blade of a dull knife, and be left to a similar fate that we left the Vietnamese when the last helicopter took off from Saigon.

The mission is working. The troops' morale is high, not broken. The Iraqi people, rather than seeing our troops as the enemy, in what was a "hot zone" a month ago, are starting to cooperate with our troops in earnest. Two Iraqi provinces are in complete Iraqi control, with more soon to follow.

Murtha, despite his best efforts to engender defeat amongst our troops and to give aid and comfort to our enemies, is the one that is losing. It is my opinion that Congressman John P. Murtha will know the true meaning of Karma come November.