Wednesday, July 12, 2006

On "swiftboating" Murtha...

We on this blog have been accused by some of the fever swamp's "finest and brightest" blogs of "swiftboating" John Murtha. As I have stated before, John Murtha's military service has never been and will never be a focus of this blog. John Murtha's military service is a moot point, for his legislative career of cronyism, opportunism, and outright sedition speaks for itself. John Murtha's military service is irrelevant, at best, except to the extent to which Murtha himself utilizes his service to shout down critics of his lamebrained ideas.

The lefty blogs have now gone on to define "swiftboating" as any attempts to criticize a veteran. Period.

The question I pose to them:

Why is criticism of the ideas of John Murtha held up as "swiftboating", while criticism of conservative veterans (does the name, "Donald Rumsfeld" ring a bell?) is held up as fair game?

Since they themselves refuse to answer, let me venture a guess.

Given their "blame America First!" mentality, liberals are desperate for cred in the realm of national defense--any cred--as a faux platform of "legitimacy" from which to launch and spread their anti-war, anti-American propaganda.

Face it. There aren't a lot of decorated veterans in their camp. So when they finally get one, they hang on to him and guard him like a dung beetle guards the last remaining piece of crap in the barnyard. A decorated veteran in the moonbat fever-swamp--especially in their efforts to gain credibility during a time of war--is a precious commodity, to be protected and guarded at all costs.

He is placed on a token pedestal of convenience, to which the fever-swamp moonbats can point and claim instant credibility; like some sort of talisman that will magically protect their intellectually-bankrupt ideas from the light of truth.

What the fever swamp left fails to take notice of, however, is that their utilization of their "token veteran" as a platform of credibility for their "hate America!" message is an exercise in futility, in as much as dressing a tree stump in a lab coat will not give it any credibility as a rocket scientist. Yet, like a socially-inept 350 pound guy sporting a Speedo on a crowded beach, the left carries on with this charade, oblivious to the fact that people are actually laughing at their efforts.

The far left elements that have hijacked the democrat party in the last decade have always been about contrivance. They have at least enough sense to know that they cannot come out and say just who they are and what they believe, because they know that they wouldn't then stand a snowball's chance in hell of gaining any kind of elected power. So they must couch their defeatist, hate-filled ideology in more palatable vehicles... sort of like their own version of a sugar coated shit sandwich. Such is the case with the fever-swamp's sudden "come-to-jesus" reverence for veterans.

Liberal veterans, that is.