Monday, November 13, 2006

Guess Who I'm Backing On This Ballot

If one has to pull for anybody in the democrats' internal squabbles, Jihad Jack is in the race and is backed by Nancy Freakelosi, mark me down for:


Pelosi Backs Murtha in Battle With Hoyer Over House Majority Leader Seat
: "WASHINGTON - Steny Hoyer, who represents all three southern Maryland counties in the U.S. House of Representatives, is vying to become the newly-Democratic House Majority Leader. This is the number two power position behind the Speaker of the House.

Hoyer and House Minority Leader Pelosi, D-Calif., who in January will likely become the first female speaker, have had a strained relationship since both ran for minority leader in 2002, but analysts say that the tension may be an asset to Democrats as they try to shape their agenda.

Both leaders were congratulated personally by President Bush, who praised the Democrats' 'disciplined campaign' at a press conference following the midterm election.

But House leadership elections, cast by secret ballot and slated for Nov. 16, loom large for the area's longest-serving congressman. "
snip ahead
Last summer, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., a close political ally of Pelosi's and instrumental in her 2002 bid for minority leader, announced he would challenge Hoyer, who is now the minority whip, for the majority leader post. Murtha gained a significant amount of publicity during the last year for his aggressive stance against the way the war and subsequent occupation in Iraq have been executed by the Bush Administration. read more
And last summer Leo called this early on within the pages of this blog, meanwhile Jack continues revealing to the world more every day about his true motives for attacking republicans and the administration while condemning our troops in the mother of all battles against terrorism that Jack and company plan to surrender to the enemy sometime in January.

It's all been for the personal glory, to see his name in lights one more time before ol' Jack's tank runs out of gas, and at 72 that can't be far off for the old dog.

And many thanks go out to the voters of Pennsylvania, as he'll get to pad his resume at their expense as well as the rest of America for at least a little longer. This national experiment for change has about 2 years left on the clock.

That'll be enough to wake up the country from the hangover they will have after this past electoral mistake made handing the dems power which they have no idea what to do with besides hand out favors to one another for the election win. This at the most crucial time in America and her freedom's short history since the revolutionary war that these dimmocrats refuse to acknowledge is taking place. The enemy knows, that you can be sure.