Sunday, November 05, 2006

Johnstown Tribune-Democrat endorses Murtha

But even Murtha's hometown newspaper has to hold their nose to do it:
We are frightened by Murtha’s willingness to align himself with California Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Clearly, Murtha is hoping that relationship paves the way for his ascension to a position of higher power in the House. But we don’t believe our region’s values match well with Pelosi’s, and we don’t see much good coming for the 12th district – even if the relationship benefits the congressman.
Simply put, the Tribune Democrat named Murtha's opposition to the war as the main reason for supporting him. Secondly, they cite Murtha's opposition to the Patriot Act as a reason for supporting him. Curious, as the Patriot Act has thus far been the main reason we have foiled numerous terrorist plots against our nation, that has kept us free from such attack since 2001.

All in all, the Tribune's was far from a ringing endorsement.

As far as Diana Irey,
We are somewhat impressed with Irey, who presents herself as a thoughtful and articulate candidate.

She has some ideas that we’re interested in, including reducing federal spending.

We have opposed closing the borders to immigration, something she supports.
What is it that the Johnstown Democrat doesn't understand about Diana Irey's opposition to ILLEGAL immigration? Is that a word that just keeps on escaping the lexicon of the Tribune editorial board and other fellow travellers?

In the end, we endorse Murtha for another go-round in Washington.

But we urge him to remain faithful to his fiscally and socially conservative western Pennsylvania roots – even if it costs him in personal gain and national influence.
Here's an idea. Why keep a dinosaur in office who will no doubt continue to be hellbent on remaining on the same path that the Tribune decries?

Now is the time for a fresh face to represent the ideals and interests of PA-12.

God knows that Murtha doesn't.