Monday, November 06, 2006

Just Remember, You Get What You Ask For

And in the case of Jack Murtha, we already know what we're getting, another congressional term that behind the scenes contains the type of "under the table activities" that have been going on for years in smokey back rooms, hotel suites and who knows where else with whomever. Doubt that assertion do you? Then click the picture below on the left or here to refresh your memory before you cast that democratic vote for Jack and not Diana Irey tomorrow.

Should you choose to ignore the obvious and vote Jack, Nancy, and the rest of the cut & run democratic cohorts to lead the congress and the senate for the next two years, you may rest assured the homeland security scale above on the right will be a familiar site to we Americans, as the appeasement party fulfills all our enemies wishes and withdraws our badly needed troops from Iraq.

A move which will make the dreadful aftermath of our Vietnamese war withdrawal look like a Jean Fraud Kerry tea & crumpets luncheon with Teresa and ruin US credibility for the next 25 years. Thus handing the strategic middle east over to terrorist Islamofascist rule aiding in their quest to conquer the rest of Asia, Europe and then USA on a silver platter with Jack's John Hancock right in the middle of it.

It's time to put the old soldier John out to pasture and start anew with Diana Irey Pennsylvanians, so please hear our cries and vote this man back to the farm tomorrow. Only you have the power to do this for America, our troops and yourselves, so do the right thing,

As Murtha Must Go.