Thursday, November 16, 2006

Murtha gets thrown under the bus....

Despite Nancy Pelosi's best efforts, Steny Hoyer beat out Jack Murtha for the #2 seat in the House in a vote of 149-86.

As I suspected, it was a bit of a stretch to think that the far-left base of the democrat leadership would go with Murtha, who had a "reputation" as a hawk, and also had a reputation as a pro-life democrat.

Murtha, having outlived his usefulness, was thrown under the bus by his fellow party members.

Funny isn't it, how there was all of a sudden a flurry of activity in the "unbiased" MSM, finally reporting what we've been reporting on Murtha Must Go!! for the past seven months, but waiting until after the election to do it. Funny also is the fact that any attempt to criticize Murtha was immediately met with a "swiftboating!" charge by the left; but again, after Murtha outlived his usefulness, the rallying cry on the left was a resounding "Full swiftboat ahead!"

It appears that Murtha has resigned himself to the realization that it would be back to his political roots:

"I didn't have enough votes and so I'll go back to my small subcommittee I have on Appropriations," Murtha said after the vote.
But don't feel too sorry for ol' Jack. After all, his stint on the Appropriations committee has garnered him quite a nest egg.