Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's the Moderate Dems To The Rescue!!

And the punchline is? That Murtha has two more years to screw with the country and the troops thanks to the voters of Pennsylvania? No that's still part of the joke. Here's the punchline..........
Pocono Record - Dem-controlled House will help fix broken gov't: (long rimshot)
"U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski says voters can expect a return to bipartisan compromise with Election Day's political power shift.

'Many of the new members (of Congress) have more moderate positions and more pragmatic positions,' he said in a noon phone interview with the Pocono Record.

Kanjorski said today he will suport his Pennsylvania colleague, John Murtha, for house majority leader."
It's kind of funny that in the same sentence they (dems) speak of bi-partisan compromise and moderation, yet John Murtha is and has been trying to take the knees out of Nancy Pelosi ( which is fine with me by the way) in regards to the Speaker of the house position way before the dems were even elected to anything. Only after much pressure from his colleagues did he settle for the second fiddle to San Fran Freaklosi. They are already fighting amongst themselves over power, can we wait until they start playing tug-of-war with the president and the conservative members over legislation regarding the war and themselves at the same time?
Murtha, a moderate Democrat, will be a balancing influence to the more liberal speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi, said Kanjorksi.

Pelosi, who will be the first woman to serve as speaker of the house, brings a unique perspectice as a mother and grandmother, added Kanjorski.
Murtha, a balancing influential moderate? I suppose when compared to Sam Fran Freakelosi that is a true statement, and an equally scary one as well. When Murtha is the only moderate in the room reason and reality are in another world. And as far as Pelosi's unique woman's perspective, I find it surprising that such a liberal who supports abortion and same sex marriage so vociferously can even be a natural grandmother to offer a perspective in the first place. She must not have practiced over they years what she preaches and supports today.

In her constituency and the world view she supports the only way to become a parent is through a lawyer and messy same sex parental adoption or a test tube, and the nice thing about that method is if the fetus of the adoptive or surrogate mother is deformed in any way it can just be vacuumed or coat-hangered, then flushed to try again. Beauty.
"She considers the effect of public policy on future generations. We've been letting that slide," he said.

Kanjorski expects Congress to get back to work with a fresh attitude of cooperation.

"Anybody elected yesterday should get the message," he said.
The ones who didn't get elected yesterday better have gotten the message too, being that they better get back to conservative principles and quick or they will never get re-elected, and after 2 years of the Pelosi-Murtha road show, America will be looking for a quick change and a long hot shower to clean off the filth of a dem controlled legislature.
Read more about Kanjorski's outlook for the new Congress in Thursday's print and online editions.
We cannot wait for those I'm sure. Stay tuned.

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