Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Murtha-Irey race results...

See the election results of PA-12 From CNN

The people of PA-12, have spoken. Diana Irey, however, has made a good showing for running against a high-profile, campaign war-chest rich incumbent who for 32 years was largely unopposed until now. Especially impressive was Irey's showing in Armstrong County, where she was behind only two percentage points. Our hats off to Irey for running a race based on issues, not on pork promises.

The people of PA-12 have spoken; but our quest to continue to expose Murtha for who he is will go on undaunted.

This parent of a deployed Iraqi Freedom soldier will not rest until Jack Murtha is taken to task for his many misdeeds; not the least of which was to unjustly throw fellow Marines under the bus for political gain. It is my fear, yet my certainty, that victory will only embolden Jack Murtha to be even more reckless in his verbiage and his actions toward our military, and toward the war on terror in general.

And this blog will continue to be there to chronicle every Murtha mis-step.

You can count on it.