Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jihad Jack Weighs In On Messiuer Jean Fraud Kèrry

As one might expect, John Murtha just had to chime in on the Jean Fraud Kerry fiasco, and in doing so gently pushed his buddy under the humvee per say yesterday morning during an MSNBC interview posted below, while feebly attempting to seperate himself from the "I hate the troops more than you" do fray.

Unfortunately this tactic only works when he and the other loons are singing to their choir, because the only phrase Jihad Jack knows when it comes to Iraq is bring 'em all back or redeploy, which is demspeak code for cut and run, and we on the right have long ago broken that code, as have the chop licking terrorists kneeling & praying towards Mecca for a demo' victory next week.

All this spells bad news for Jack and the dims, this latest in the long series of unforgivable gaffes by he & Kerry could be just what the election doctor ordered to nudge all those undecided Pennsylvanian's towards the Diana Irey "we support the troops and the war" camp next Tuesday, thereby redeploying Jack to that "old congressman's home" where he can tell all the war retreat and abscam tales he wants to more captive audience.