Monday, November 13, 2006

Jack Murtha-- On selling a soul.

As ChicagoRay stated in this post, and as we have been alluding to time and time again on this blog, Jack Murtha never does anything without there being a self-serving purpose.

Historically speaking, liberals have always had a seething distrust and hatred for anything having to do with the military, especially the U.S. military; except to the extent that they could utilize them for propaganda purposes; whether it be in the form of broadcasting casualties with a megaphone, or using misguided, like-minded military veterans as politcal cover under which they can continue to spout their anti-American diatribes.

They found such a patsy in the name of John Murtha... a heretofore nondescript congressman from rural Pennsylvania who, before a year ago, would never have been seen with any self-respecting liberal. With his history of pro-life votes, along with his other relatively conservative votes in the House (save for this past year), Jack Murtha was a pariah among the kook fringe power base of the democrat party.

But all that changed on November 18, 2005, when Jack Murtha, tired of being a relative nobody on the national politcal scene, finally decided to make a big splash by throwing his former Marine brethren and the rest of the military under the bus as a means to his end. And let's not forget the sweetheart deal that was arranged by Murtha to line the pockets of Pelosi's nephew, Laurence, to cement the compact:
Murtha's role in the culture of corruption also implicates Pelosi herself. Roll Call reported last year that Murtha "reportedly leaned on U.S. Navy officials to sign a contract to transfer the Hunters Point Shipyard to the city of San Francisco." Pelosi's nephew, Laurence Pelosi, was an executive of the company that owned the rights to the land.
And now wouldn't you know it-- Nancy Pelosi, the liberal's liberal-- (and soon to be House Speaker), is endorsing Jack Murtha over Steny Hoyer to be the next Majority Leader of the House of Representatives.

Jack Murtha has indeed sold his soul to the devil, and in all likelihood is now getting paid in full.

But, as they say, you can't take it with you; and at the age of 72, Murtha will sooner or later need to account to a Higher Power than PA-12 voters.