Friday, November 03, 2006

Johnstown Paper Gives Irey Campaign Some Attention

Diana Irey and her campaign aren't as invisible and hopeless as Jack and his supporters would like the constituency to believe. For all intents and purposes Jack Murtha has practically ignored the race altogether, campaigning in other states for other candidates as if the election were in the bag.

Today the Johnston PA local paper gives Irey some ink on the front page as her campaign hits the homestretch in what many hope will be the going away party for Jihad Jack and the likes of him elsewhere throughout the country, places where democrats have already as George Bush stated, started measuring the curtains for their new offices.

The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA - Irey gets boost from Internet fundraising: "Republican Diana Irey’s congressional campaigning is picking up speed, attempting to overtake a veteran incumbent and overcome a huge voter-registration disadvantage.

The Washington County commissioner, taking on Democratic U.S. Rep. John Murtha, this week began running her first TV and radio ads.

And her campaign claims to have raised $100,000 since Oct. 1, in part due to Internet-based fundraising and exposure from conservative blogs.

“It’s just a ‘viral’ marketing effect,” said Bill Pascoe, an Irey campaign consultant.

During a stop in downtown Johnstown on Thursday, Irey again criticized Murtha for saying Marines intentionally killed innocent civilians in an incident last year in Haditha, Iraq.

Murtha has not retracted his statements, and his campaign spokesman, Ed Mitchell, said he would not comment on the matter. read more
Of course he hasn't retracted those statements, why should he? He believes them and believes he is right. We all know he's wrong as wrong can be, and we can only hope and pray that those voters concur with us here and in 5 days send Jihad Jack back home as Murtha Must Go once and for all and now's the time. It's your choice Pennsylvanians.

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