Tuesday, November 14, 2006

They're swiftboating John Murtha!!

Who's they?

Is it Diana Irey, bitter about defeat?

Is it John O'Neill, at Swift-Vets for Truth, trying to have another go at our favorite pusillanimous pillar of cut-n run?

Just who is swiftboating Murtha?

Silly reader, it's none other than the members of the DNC themselves!

WASHINGTON — The race to be the No. 2 House Democratic leader turned nasty Tuesday, with challenger Rep. John Murtha accusing opponents of "swift-boat style attacks" that hark back to his days being investigated in the FBI's 1980 Abscam sting.

Murtha won endorsement Monday from Nancy Pelosi, who is widely expected to be the House speaker. But Murtha is opposed by some liberals who say they are not happy with the Pennsylvania lawmaker's pro-gun and anti-abortion record. Others say Pelosi took a wrong turn in backing Murtha over her current deputy Rep. Steny Hoyer because Murtha's record is marred by ethics questions of the type Pelosi pledged to clean up in Congress.

You see, dear reader, to any good democrat, the term "swiftboating" has come to mean any public exposure to the truth. And in Jack Murtha's case, simply put, the truth hurts.

"I am disconcerted that some are making headlines by resorting to unfounded allegations that occurred 26 years ago. I thought we were above this type of swift-boating attack. This is not how we restore integrity and civility to the United States Congress," Murtha said of the ample press coverage of his link to Abscam and more recent negotiations he made as ranking Democrat on the Defense Appropriations Committee.

The thing about it is, the allegations that Jack Murtha was looking for a way to take a $50,000 bribe some 26 years ago are not unfounded. On a permanent place in our sidebar is the link to the entire ABSCAM video--all 53 minutes of it. In it, Murtha consistently alludes that he doesn't want to get caught taking the money, but he continually leaves the door open that under the right circumstances, he would be all too willing to line his big fat backside with Arabian-generated greenbacks. Murtha can deny it all he wants, but in this case, videotape speaks louder than desperate backpedalling.

You know, even though we're bummed that Murtha won another term, it's almost sweet justice to see him squirm as he is devoured by his fellow party members, like a wounded beluga whale caught in a shark tank.

Surf's up, Jack. Have a nice ride.