Friday, November 10, 2006

The Trash-talking Begins

If I hadn't seen Mr. Murtha's defeatist trashtalking before, I wouldn't have believed this quote:
As for Bush’s future actions in Iraq, Murtha was blunt: "He’s not going to go on with this war."
Just watch him continue, Mr. Murtha. No amount of trash-talking from a corrupt blow-hard will prevent him from prosecuting this war.

This war won't end just because Mr. Murtha wants to unilaterally declare defeat in Iraq. I'd dare the Democrats to cut off funding for this war. I'd dare them to try selling it to the public. If they attempt it, we'll be waiting to tell the American people about how Iran is waiting to turn Iraq into its own puppet regime and how al Qaida is just waiting to get a new training camp.

Until now, Murtha's been able to talk irrationally without accepting responsibility for his bloviations. That changed Tuesday night. With Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, they'll be held accountable for their policy decisions. It hasn't even been a full week since recapturing the majority but leading Democrats are already quickly backing away from Murtha's immediate withdrawal proposal.
The 32-year House veteran said voters had sent a message to President Bush and Republican congressional leaders. "They don’t want a rubber-stamp Congress," Murtha said Tuesday night. "They want a Congress that’s going to stand up."
Actually, Mr. Murtha's mischaracterizing Tuesday's elections. That's typical of him. The American people didn't reject conservatism; they rejected half-hearted conservatism, which isn't conservatism at all. And don't think that Americans embraced liberalism, either. They voted against the cowardly 'moderate' Republicans. Republicans lost this far more than Democrats won. Republicans stopped governing like a majority when McCain started craving power. They stopped being a team, which led to a muddled message this fall.

What the people want, Mr. Murtha, is a congress that accepts its role in leading the nation forward. What they don't want is a congress that rejects its responsibilities of protecting the people. Fleeing Iraq without victory is the ultimate portrait in abdicating its responsibility of protecting this nation.

Not that he'll heed this warning but I'd caution Mr. Murtha from letting this go to his head. This wasn't a tidal wave that swept Republicans from office. It was the House and Senate GOP's inept leadership that led to the loss of numerous close races.

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