Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Murtha, Terrorists Win, America Loses

If you're expecting me to be as gracious as Leo was earlier, then I won't live up to your expectations. Frankly, I'm pissed at the decisions the voters of PA-12 made tonight. They chose pork over national security, American defeatism over American greatness, anarchy over the Constitution.

If Pelosi, Murtha and Conyers get their way, we'll be out of Iraq before Iraq can defend themselves. That's awful because it potentially gift wraps a new training ground for al Qaeda. Forgive me if I don't see the wisdom in that policy. The upside is that President Bush can paint Pelosi and Murtha into a corner by telling them they have to defend their decisions to the nation.
In voting for John Murtha, PA-12's voters voted for someone who talkec up his visits to soldiers at Walter Reed for the cameras to see, only to then denigrate those soldiers by associating himself with the Code Pink protesters that held signs that read "Maimed for a Lie" and "Enlist here to die for Halliburton." Forgive me if I don't see the wisdom of electing that disgusting man when they could've chosen Diana Irey, who is vastly more qualified for the job and who has infinitely more integrity than Mr. Murtha has.

As I said when Leo invited me to this blog, when John Murtha threw a bunch of Marines under the bus without so much as an investigation or without getting briefed on them, he did it by first throwing the Constitution out the window. Murtha couldn't have done that if he revered the Constitution for what it is: the greatest governing document in the history of the modern world.

To John Murtha, the Constitution is nothing more than whatever best fits his warped agenda at the moment. What virtue is there in that? The voters in PA-12 should be ashamed of themselves for throwing the Constitution under the proverbial bus. Frankly, they've proven themselves unworthy of a woman with the integrity of Diana Irey.

I've said before that Diana Irey and Michele Bachmann were ideological twin sisters. It's unfortunate that Diana won't be joining Michele in Washington this time. Let's hope that Diana joins Michele in 2009.

One thing that tonight definitely does is it forces Republicans to rethink their agenda for 2008 onward. One thing that will definitely become part of the GOP agenda is reform. They walked away from that the past 2 years and it cost them.

One thing working in the GOP's favor is that it'll be easy to cast themselves as reformers when comparing themselves to corrupt fossils like John Murtha, Alan Mollohan, William Jefferson and extremist ideologues like John Conyers. One thing that's going to happen is that Pelosi, Murtha and Conyers can't be the opposition party anymore. People will expect them to actually do things. If their agenda is impeachment, passing minimum wage and unilaterally withdrawing from Iraq, this will be a short-lived majority.

The worst part of Murtha defeating Diana Irey is that it says most people don't have a clue about the threat we face. It's a grim day when voters put a higher priority on soundbites and pork than on preventing terrorist attacks and national security.

Captain Ed is right in saying that the American people have spoken, saying that they wanted a different direction and that "now they have to experience its consequences."

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