Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Some sombering thoughts of what is at stake...

Peter Brooks notes:
If the "Defeatocrats," er, Democrats, triumph next week, taking the majority in Congress, expect U.S.

foreign and defense policy to veer sharply left, with little guiding philosophy beyond ABB – Anything But Bush.

For many Democrats and liberals, this vengeful approach may provide much-needed therapy after 12 bitter years in the minority. But it's no basis for a defense or foreign policy.

Other than attacking what the Bush administration is doing, Democrats have done little to articulate foreign and national-security policies of their own. But here are some of the possible outcomes if the majority changes hands on Capitol Hill:

On Iraq, many Democrats - led by Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) - have said they'd push for an immediate "redeployment" (i.e., withdrawal) of U.S. troops, leaving who-knows-what kind of nightmare behind.

A premature withdrawal would cause unimaginable instability in the Middle East. And there's no doubt that jihadists would chalk up Iraq as proof positive that terrorism works - adding it to other "successes" in Lebanon (1983) and Somalia (1993).

Worse, an ignominious U.S. retreat would prove to countless other troublemakers that America is nothing more than a paper tiger.

A liberal majority would also drastically change course on North Korea, pushing for direct U.S. talks with dictator Kim Jong Il - despite his recent missile tests and nuclear blast. Caving in to Pyongyang's demands for one-on-one negotiations would reward its nuclear brinkmanship and blackmail. The lesson wouldn't be lost on its nuclear kindred spirit, Iran.

Voters of PA-12, you have the power within you not only to send a power-drunk politician packing, but you also literally have it within you to steer the course of history.  Do we go the way of cut and run, and trying to discern the nuances in trying to "negotiate" with radical savages, or do we meet the threat head on and take care of it sooner, rather than later.  Do we contiue to move forward with an economy with record low unemployment, or do we regress to a period of economy-stifling confiscatory taxes? Do we continue to regress with "I'll grease your palm, you grease mine" politics-as-usual, or do we place people in office with the integrity to understand that it is not their money to spend, it is yours. 

Voters of PA-12--the future not only of PA-12, but indeed the world resides in the power of your vote. 

Exercise that power wisely.