Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Silence is Deafening

That's part of the title to this Irey campaign press release. Here's the most important sections of that press release:
"The silence from Johnstown is deafening. Yesterday I called on Jack Murtha to demand an apology from his good friend John Kerry for offensive remarks directed at the good men and women of the American military. Two days have now passed since Senator Kerry's insult, and still there's no word from Jack Murtha. But there is movement in the story line; yesterday Sen. Kerry not only refused to apologize, he actually compounded his original insult, by lashing out at those who dared demand an apology."
"What are you waiting for, Jack? Is it possible that you AGREE with John Kerry that only uneducated or lazy men and women end up in Iraq? "Or are you worried that calling on Sen. Kerry to apologize would immediately lead to a request for a SECOND apology, an apology from YOU, for slandering the Marines you declared had 'killed innocent civilians in cold blood' at Haditha, before the first Marine was charged, before the first court-martial was convened, before the first Marine was convicted?"
We're waiting Jack. Do you agree with Sen. Kerry's insulting reference to our soldiers? Are you withholding your condemnation because you know that you're guilty of insulting our troops on an equally disgusting level? You shouldn't be so uncharacteristically shy Mr. Murtha.

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