Sunday, August 06, 2006

More on the Murtha Rally in Johnstown...

You'll find a video here, along with a printed story. On the video, pay special attention to the end of the piece, when the infobabe (Kate Sabatino) states:
"he (Murtha) told me that the only reason he spoke up about the Haditha scandal was because he felt it was being covered up."
Even if Jack Murtha really did think that Haditha was being "covered up" (yes, despite reports to the contary), that would still not excuse Murtha's unequivocal pronouncements of guilt before investigations were completed, or even before he read any reports or received any official briefings. Again, for the record, Murtha unequivocally stated:
"I will not excuse murder, and this is what happened"
If Murtha insists on passing judgment that "cold blooded" murders have been committed by Marines, without having anywhere near all the facts at hand from which to base what should be a weighty pronouncement, are we in turn to excuse his blatant denial of due proces to the accused before passing such judgment?

Murtha has yet to address this brazen disregard for Constitutional protections, and in his arrogance hasn't come even close to apologizing for or even acknowledging his grievous disregard for due process.

It is therefore one of our core missions here at Murtha Must Go! to not let up until he does.