Friday, August 18, 2006

Another Murtha Puff Piece...

But if you look at the McClatchy article closely, it will be more telling about Murtha's blind political ambition than his prowess in military strategy:

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. - What a difference nine months makes.

Last November Rep. John P. "Jack" Murtha, D-Pa., thundered onto the national scene insisting that the U.S. military could accomplish nothing more in Iraq, could only make things worse. He called for pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq.

At the time, many of his Democratic colleagues considered his stance suicidal for their party when they're trying to regain control of Congress despite having long been seen as weak on national security.

Now, Murtha is one of the most popular Democrats around. In recent weeks he's raised money for Democrats campaigning in New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York and California. In Tennessee, he was former Vice President Al Gore's guest at a fundraiser for local Democrats. After Labor Day, Murtha will head back out on the road, helping up to four dozen of his party's candidates.

And in this last paragraph, you have Congressman Jack Murtha's entire raison d'etre (pardon my French). Long a congressional wallflower, and much akin to "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan, Jack Murtha is loving his new-found notoriety and hobb-nobbery with the loony left.

Damn the cost of his self-indulgence.

Damn the fact that Murtha's rhetoric is damaging our troops' morale.

Damn the fact that Murtha's rhetoric is giving aid and comfort to our enemies during a time of war.

Damn the fact that Murtha's "cut and run" rhetoric is making it more difficult for freedom-longing Iraqis to trust and cooperate with our troops, fearing that they will not stick around long enough to see the mission through, and that swift and sure retaliation will come if our troops leave. No, that is all secondary to the attention in which Murtha is basking from the loony, anti-American left.

Murtha is getting his. As far as Murtha goes, to hell with the rest of the world.

And in turn, Jack Murtha is giving aid and comfort to our enemies not seen since Jane Fonda sat in a Viet Kong gun turret; not even since the likes of Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally took to the airwaves in WWII:
"Everything I said has turned out to be true," Murtha said Wednesday, taking a break at his campaign headquarters in Johnstown. "You can't win militarily. Military leaders are now saying it publicly where they said it only privately before. I get standing ovations every place I go. The public is looking for a solution to this open-ended policy, which is killing kids."

Open ended? Since when is completing the mission we started, to help Iraqis be self-sufficient in maintaining their democracy, an "open-ended plan?" And standing ovations from whom, Jack Murtha? And for what? A premature cut-and-run stance that will certainly spell doom for Iraqis who are now trying to make democracy work? A premature cut and run stance that will serve to embolden our Islamofascist enemies and will cement their ideas regarding American resolve? A cut and run policy that will only embolden our enemies to try "bigger and better" ventures in their quest to defeat the United States?

And we're supposed to listen to you and follow your lead with regard to military strategy? And on top of that, we're actually supposed to feel safe about it?

Says Murtha:

"I'm on a mission here, and the mission is to help change the direction of the country," he said.

You certainly are on a mission, congressman John P. Murtha. You are on a mission to elevate your own damn political stature, and you're more than willing to throw our troops--hell--even our entire national security--under the bus in order to accomplish your ends.

So, tell me, Mr. Murtha... what does it feel like to sell your very soul?

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