Thursday, August 17, 2006

John Murtha is the enemy...

John Murtha is the enemy
by Warren Bonesteel

Now, just In case you didn't already know it, we are not presently involved in a War on Terror or even a War against Islamofascists. We are involved in a war for our very survival. Islam plans to kill as many of us as it can and enslave the rest of us. If you do not know this by now, you are one ignorant SOB and I feel sorry for you, for you will not survive this war, nor will you remain free if you do. Unless someone else - such as certain United States Marines - do your fighting for you, unhindered by liberal hand-wringing, moral equivalence, moral turpitude, and "civilized" sensibilities, you will die, or be enslaved by an Early Iron Age culture of theocracy. That culture has involved us in a fight for our very lives. A fight where the only rule is survival.

While we know of the bias of some media outlets in the 12th District, others within in the district are reporting more honestly- or at least, objectively - about the Murtha - Irey campaign.

The latter two articles are among the indicators that offer me some small reason to hope for America's survival. A few people are objectively looking at the facts and are reaching their own conclusions and are ignoring any input from the MSM and Democrat Party talking points.

As most of us know, the Irey - Murtha race has attracted national attention. As with other races around the nation, many pundits are not as certain of the outcome as they were a mere two months ago. The Irey - Murtha race has been reported in no small number of local and national TV, radio stations, magazines and news papers throughout the world. It is also discussed weekly - if not daily - on numerous blogs and website forums. An objective analysis reveals that Irey is gaining ground fast, even with her comparative lack of funding. She now has eight hundred volunteers working for her in the district and she has the support of hundreds of thousands of Veterans nation-wide. You may not find it mentioned in the media, but she is also gaining a lot of support from local voters in both parties. The Reagan/Miller/Scoop Jackson Democrats in the twelveth district are not happy with Mr. John Murtha.

One such place discussing this race is to be found at Ariana Huffington's website. For some reason, Yahoo still publishes her "news" items even though Yahoo has recently become notorious in some quarters for it's restrictions on hate speech. (Apparently, Yahoo News and Google News think that when a conservative is telling the truth that it is automatically hate speech.) She recently posted a release from the Murtha campaign, which was picked up by Yahoo News.

In an excerpt from Ms. Huffington's latest Yahoo News item, can be found this little gem from John Murtha, the House Representative for Pennsylvania's 12th District.:
"The lead taken by the United States to end the violence and to stop the loss of innocent lives has been applauded. The Bush Administration is moving with speed and deliberation to end the one war, but not the other. Those who speak of ending the war in Lebanon, to stop the loss of more lives, are seen as skillful diplomats. Yet those who dare speak about ending the war in Iraq are labeled by Bush's henchmen as unpatriotic defeatists."

In a short few paragraphs Mr. Murtha attacks Mr. Bush on Iraq and once again misuses a poll to illustrate his point. All right, he purposely lied about the poll numbers...again. Same poll as last time. Yes, eighty per cent of Iraqis wanted us out of Iraq as soon as possible, but most of those questioned- in that now irrelevant poll - also wanted us to finish the job before we leave. Mr. Murtha is still using that poll in speeches around the nation. In spite of having been previously proven to be a liar, he continues to use the same lie over and over again. The scary part is that many Americans are lapping it up like manna from heaven. Of course, the Jews asked questions of both God and Moses about manna. (The word, "manna" means "What is it?") while The Democrats, on the other hand, question nothing that their fearless Democrat Party leaders tell them. (Can you say Marx and Lenin?)

Did you see it? Did you hear what John Murtha said? It was right in front of your face. It's hard to miss really. Ok, ok, I'll give you a hint. In two sentences Mr. Murtha openly declares his support for militant dictatorships who want to kill everyone on earth - and turn the survivors into second-class citizens with fewer rights than slaves living in the 1850's American South! It's pretty clever, really. The number of things that he communicates in just a few sentences is amazing. Properly Fisking it all would take several pages. So I'll just concentrate on those few statements for the moment.

The Lebanese, who totally and completely ignored UN resolution after UN resolution, and then allowed members of their own government - without provocation, to attack a sovereign nation - are the victims in Mr. Murtha's eyes. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? For the moment, and forthe purposes of this essay, we'll leave Iran and Syria out of it. In other words, Mr. Murtha has declared himself to be a closet antisemite, who would prefer to see Hezzbollah's goals accomplished. What are Hezbollah's goals? To wipe Israel off of the map and to destroy America. It is not out of any 'reason' that America has ever given them. It is not for anything that we or anyone else has ever done to them. Their publicly declared desire to destroy or enslave us all is based upon the mere fact that we exist. In the eyes of Islam, we
are to be destroyed. In two sentences, John Murtha has declared that he wants to see America destroyed by our enemies. He wants to see Israel destroyed. His own statements over the last few months can only lead an objective observer to those conclusions. His statements in Huffington's Yahho News item only lead to that result.

Another conclusion that can be drawn is that John Murtha hates Jews, hates America, and hates Americans. Personally, were I living in Pennsylvania's twelveth district, I would be led to believe that Murtha hates me as an individual. Anyone who is helping those who have declared that they want me dead or enslaved is working for my enemy and has become my enemy. John Murtha is such an enemy when he publicly declares supports Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Queda, Iran and Syria by his public statements and off-handed remarks about redeploying to the Pacific, about our nation's Armies, and about our ability to defeat those who have declared war against America and against Americans.

Another derivation of the evidence as provided by John Murtha's words and deeds is that it would mean that John Murtha is planning on submitting to Islam, becoming a Muslim, and turning the rest of us into dhimmi slaves. he's certainly not standing up for America and personal freedom by saying and doing what he does.

Oh. That's right. he already thinks of the people of the twelveth district as dhimmi slaves. Otherwise, he wouldn't think that pork from other people's taxes would buy your silence and assent to his words and deeds. Nor would you let him spew his hatred and spite towards you and your fellow Americans without accountability.

From all appearances, Mr. Murtha doesn't have a clue that his seat is not assured. Such presumption is a malaise that, over the next few years, will become apparent with incumbents around the nation. Sadly, many of their opponents will also think that the incumbent cannot be defeated and will not take full advantage of the opportunity that will be offered to them by a dissatisfied electorate. Mrs. Irey suffers from no such presumption. Murtha is the toast for her breakfast.

Oh. By the way. If you think that the Hezbollah-Lebanese war with Israel is over, you really need to think about taking the short bus from now on.