Wednesday, August 30, 2006

On perpetuating lies...

First of all, isn't Mr. Murtha just full of himself that he, until this past November a virtual wallflower in the House of Representatives, is taking on the "Grand Damme" of the democrat party.

John Murtha on Hillary Clinton:
"I think the senator from New York is slowly coming around. I believe the senator from New York has begun to see the light I hope. She called me... and I said, 'You can take the lead in this anti-war, this particular war fight.' And she declined. I don't understand what her reasoning is..."
Translation: "If I keep on spreading lies about Iraq and Haditha, Hillary will become as big a liar and seditionist as I am"

Yes, Mr. Murtha--I mean Lies with a capital "L".

Like in this interview that took place yesterday (August 29, 2006):

AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about Haditha and what happened there? You were the first congressman to talk about it.

REP. JOHN MURTHA: Yeah, I support the military 100%, unless they make a tragic mistake like that, which hurts the rest of the troops and hurts our nation.

AMY GOODMAN: And what do you know at this point of what happened there?

REP. JOHN MURTHA: Well, I know that the NCIS, which is the Naval justice system, endorsed what I said. They said that these were --people were killed unnecessarily, and so I’m looking forward to that thing being resolved. It should have been resolved much faster. If I hadn’t spoken out, it wouldn’t even have been investigated.

That's a bald-faced lie, John Murtha:
DOD officials tell TIME that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently set up a Pentagon task force, which meets once a week, to track Haditha and prepare for the eventual release of the investigations’ results. But a Pentagon source familiar with the criminal investigation says that contrary to the suggestions of some media reports Wednesday, there have been no conclusions that the Marines deliberately killed unarmed civilians. This source also says that the bodies of those killed at Haditha have not been exhumed, which makes proving murder ‘very challenging.’

As a matter of fact, the Jawa Report notes that one of the Marines that Baghdad Murtha slandered, John Wuterich, is actually up for a commendation:

From the Washington Post:

Lt. William T. Kallop wrote in a praise-filled memo that the incident on Nov. 19, 2005, was part of a complex insurgent ambush that included a powerful roadside bomb followed by a high volume of automatic-weapons fire from several houses in the neighborhood. He lauded Sgt. Frank Wuterich for his leadership in the "counterattack" on three houses while the unit received sporadic enemy fire.

The proposed citation indicates that Kallop -- the only Marine officer at the scene as the incident unfolded -- believed the unit was under a coordinated insurgent attack when Marines stormed civilian homes and opened fire, killing women and children. Whether Marines felt threatened and believed the homes to be hostile is a central element of their defense against potential criminal charges.

The Jawa Report concludes:
Kallop's memo would seem to be an odd way of trying to sweep the incident under the rug.
Indeed. But let's not let the possibility of the innocence of a few Marines in Haditha creep in the way of Jack Murtha's political ambitions, shall we?

After all, John Murtha's actions and verbiage leave no doubt in one's mind as to their expendability.

Truth, be damned.

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