Friday, August 18, 2006

An Irey media event...

I'm sending you this as a heads-up that Kit and I will be interviewing Diana Irey on our live streaming internet radio show, "Seeing Red", tonight at 10 p.m. (CST) on W.A.R.

Who the hell are we? Kit and I (Heidi) blog at Euphoric Reality, voted one of the Top Ten military blogs in 2005. Kit is former Air Force, and I am a former Army officer (Airborne!). Together we blog about war, illegal immigration, and terrorism - anything that threatens our national security and sovereignty! Specifically, we covered Ilario Pantano's case and helped favorably influence his Article 32 hearing; we published the ten part investigative series Brother Against Brother about Vietnam LRPs falsely accused of war crimes, and we have ongoing coverage of the Haditha and Hamandiya Marines falsely accused of war crimes in Iraq.

The article below is about our interview tonight with Diana. Let your readers know they can tune in and call in (888-407-1776) after the interview. Feel free to email us any questions you'd like us to ask Ms. Irey on air. We'll be happy to cover your question on the air, and mention your website. If you can't listen that late at night, check back this weekend, because we will make the podcast publicly available for listening and downloading. You can then share it with your own readership.

Help us spread the word...

Doing our part to Boot Murtha!

Euphoric Reality

Tonight On "Seeing Red…"

We have another amazing radio show lined up for tonight, folks. Be sure to tune in!

First up, we will be interviewing Diana Irey, the contender for Jack Murtha's Congressional seat. This is your chance to hear first-hand exactly how Diana Irey will put an end to Murtha's perpetual incumbency in Pennsylvania. This woman will mop the floor with that cut 'n run ex-Marine! You cannot miss this!

Also, in the second hour, we will have a repeat guest, Steve Schippert of, who will help us analyze the looming August 22nd date in light of Iran's latest posturing and escalating military maneuvers. This is our last chance to assess Iran's intentions before Iran "gives its answer" to the global community.

Tune into W.A.R tonight to listen to "Seeing Red…with Kit and Heidi" from 10 p.m. - midnight.