Saturday, August 19, 2006

Not All Journalists Are Carrying Water for Murtha and the Left

Like this editorial below from Investor's Daily yesterday which actually gives a well rounded and accurate description of the events surrounding Haditha and what is or isn't being reported about them in the Main Stream Media. These are facts readers of this website and other anti-Murtha/ pro-truth sites are well aware of, yet they deserve constant repetition in order to keep pace with all the falsehoods and bogus conclusions being offered by the left, led by their new fearless platoon leader, moonbat John Murtha.

The truth is something that is very hard to find in today's press as we all know, with the exception of only a few major publications and the usual cable news stations the names of which are also well known. But if one seeks the truth about this war it is easy to find with a little bit of effort, so again here's a refresher of the truthful facts .....

Today in Investor's Business Daily stock analysis and business news: "Jihad Journalism: The media continue to try the Haditha Marines in the press, this time with the New York Times alluding to a possible cover-up. War is hell, and so is the coverage of it.

If there's a world record for use of innuendo in a story, the Times holds it, particularly for a piece by David Cloud on the investigation into the charges that U.S. Marines ran amok in the Iraqi town of Haditha, murdering 24 Iraqis, as Rep. John Murtha has put it, in cold blood.

Relying on the usual unnamed sources, this time 'two Defense Department officials briefed on the case,' the piece describes the 'findings' in a report on the Nov. 19 matter as showing 'instances in which American Marines involved in the incident appear to have destroyed or withheld evidence.'

Saying 'this is the first time details about possible concealment or destruction of evidence have been disclosed,' the piece refers to a logbook that 'may have (been) tampered with,' one of 'several suspicious incidents' regarding the investigation.

One of the incidents is the alleged failure to immediately turn over to investigators a videotape of the aftermath taken by a drone aircraft. That video is said to have 'raised doubts' about and 'appears to contradict statements by Marines about what occurred."

We don't know what actually happened that day in Haditha, and neither does The New York Times. That's why there's an investigation. And if charges are ever actually filed, that's why there will be a trial where actual evidence can be introduced and statements can be made under oath, both subject to challenge, where the Marines involved can actually confront their accusers.

Tired of being tried in the press, Frank Wuterich, the Marine Corps staff sergeant who led the squad accused of killing two dozen civilians in Haditha after a roadside bomb tore apart one of their group, sued Murtha this month. He claims the Pennsylvania Democrat and war critic defamed him by saying his unit "killed innocent civilians in cold blood."" full editorial