Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bush is like Neville Chamberlain?

I was just watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann on PMSNBC; and, being the peabrain that he is, Olbermann was trying to make a connection between Bush and appeaser/loser Neville Chamberlain!! He started out by comparing Neville Chamberlain's fishing trip while Hitler and Stalin were signing the non-aggression pact, stating that he was standing in the river when informed, and replied, "You must be mistaken!" The pea-brained Olbermann (with regard to the trouble in the middle east) then goes on to say,
"..and like Chamberlain, President Bush, right on time, takes a vacation. Prime Minister Tony Blair, on the other hand, postponed his vacation."
Does Keith Olbermann actually think we're still living in the 18th century, with no means of communication at our disposal other than smoke signals or carrier pigeons? Does Olbermann not get the concept that, in this age of instant communication, Bush doesn't have to be in the White House to carry on business? Yet Olbermann went on to whine that at least symbolically, Bush should have given the appearance that he is on top of the situation. And therein, dear readers, lies the crux of the matter.

Of course, Bush bears absolutely no substantive resemblance to Neville Chamberlain; although it can be said that Olbermann's idols, such as Jack Murtha and Nancy Pelosi, et al., bear a substantively striking resemblance to the man that made appeasement famous.

Leave it to Olbermann, who had to make a death-defying leap that both Bush and Chamberlain took vacations in order to make that comparison. I'm sure that they both ate carrots at some time in their lives as well. But substantive comparisons mean nothing to Liberals, whose entire existence is based in a world of dreams, emotions, and symbolism that bear absolutely no resemblance to reality.

To the libs, symbolism is everything; substance and reality mean nothing.

Have fun living in the dark ages, Mr. Olbermann.