Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When anti-war moonbats eat their own...

Hell hath no fury like a moonbat scorned:

Major Owens, John Murtha Skirmish on Radio

There may be some unexpected fireworks at tonight's "town hall" meeting on the Iraq war with anti-war hawk John Murtha.

The Pennsylvania Democrat (pictured below) will be speaking out at the Park Slope United Methodist Church at 7: 30 p.m. tonight, discussing his call for a phased redeployment of U.S. troops by the end of this year.

But his decision to appear at the forum with Brooklyn councilmember Yvette Clarke and Congressman Anthony Weiner has already caused a minor dustup with the Owens camp.

oooooooooh---Weeeeee----CAT FIGHT!

Congressman Major Owens, whose son Chris Owens is running against Clarke to take over his seat on the Hill, called in to the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC this morning to question why he was not notified of the event, which is taking place in his congressional district. (Tape of the show here. )

"[Weiner] set it up in my district instead of his district and didn't bother to notify me," Owens complained, calling that a "great breach of protocol."

In fact, the appearance was set up by the Clarke campaign, which, not surprisingly, neglected to invite along her competitor’s father.

After all, Major Owens' kid is every bit as seditious as the next seditious democrat:
Daddy Owens also took Murtha to task for endorsing Clarke, considering his own and his son’s ample anti-war credentials. (Major Owens was one of the 133 House representatives who voted against the war, while both Weiner and Murtha voted for it.) (read the whole thing)
Man--this is shaping up like two catty dames fighting over the attention of the "buff guy" (heh) on the beach--seeing who can be called the biggest schmuck!

But not to worry, Major Owens and son--at last glance, I'm sure that there's quite enough of Murtha's big phat seditious backside to go around for every moonbat democrat legislative wannabee that is willing to bend over and pay homage to him.

Of that you can be sure.

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