Friday, August 25, 2006

PA 12--can Murtha buy your vote?

In yet another Murtha puff piece...
U.S. Rep. John Murtha visited the Mid-Mon Valley Thursday to show his support for a couple of improvement projects he has helped fund.

Murtha and members of his staff stopped at Monongahela Valley Hospital to tour the recently expanded emergency room and learn about other program developments.

They also visited the site of a road safety improvement project at the intersection of routes 837 and 88 in New Eagle.

At the hospital, Murtha toured the improved emergency room and learned about neuroscience services and diabetes prevention and management programs. (Read the rest here)

This is exactly how John Murtha has stayed in office lo' these many years... by bringing home the pork.

But there comes a time one must ask themselves: At what price?

As of the past year especially, John Murtha's pork has been laden with the blood of our soldiers, whose enemies have no doubt been emboldened by Murtha's continuous bashing of our military and his refusal to support their mission.

Voters of PA-12, you do have a choice.

Diana Irey, aside from supporting your troops and their mission, has made it her business to look out for the best interests of her constituents, and it's a pretty safe guarantee that Irey's work for PA-12 will not be tainted with the defeatist rhetoric, aid and comfort that Murtha has lavished upon our enemies that have our soldiers in their crosshairs.
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