Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Resuscitation of Murtha...

First I direct you here:
Johnstown -- Thursday morning, members of the veterans group Swiftboat will meet in front of Congressman Murtha's office in downtown Johnstown to announce a national veterans rally that will be held in Johnstown this October. They are holding the rally to show their outrage at what John Murtha has been saying about the war. This, an an attempt to oust him from office. A lawsuit was also filed against Murtha by Sargeant Frank Wuterich of the Marine Corps. He's one of the marines accused of shooting 24 innocent Iraqi civilians in Haditha, Iraq. Wednesday, Wuterich's attorneys bashed Murtha, they say, for tainting the American public and therefore potential jurors.

"Potential court martial members have already heard Congressman Murtha declare that these marines are cold blooded murderers," says one attorney.

Murtha responded saying the marine will face a military jury, not a civilian one. He says the reason he spoke out about the incident in the first place is because he felt it was being covered up.

"The Iraqi people knew about this," he says. "So consequently it puts our troops in jeopardy."
Well, it seems that nobody can get it right. Swiftboat Vets and Veterans for Truth are two totally different entities! But I digress...

And now for the resuscitation:
There are several groups that are standing up for Congressman Murtha. They include Senator Max Cleland, the Veterans Alliance for Security and Democracy, as well as numberous (sic) democratic congressional leaders. Even Governor Ed Rendell has announced his support for the Congressman.
Max Cleland, and even Governor Ed Rendell? It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that they're both democrats, would it?

And let's take a look at the Veterans Alliance for Security and Democracy... seems to me that they tend to exclusively support far-left democrat candidates. Somehow having "security" in your title while supporting far-left antiwar candidates smacks me as being a bit oxymoronic, but again I digress.

Don't let the puff pieces fool you. Murtha is in for the political fight of his life, and he's beginning to realize it.


Veterans for Truth give their side of the story here.