Thursday, August 03, 2006

Murtha: I'll Surrender For Israel

Yes, that's a sarcastic take on another out-of-touch Murtha statement. (H/T: Captain Ed)
Mr. Murtha, speaking yesterday at a Post-Gazette editorial board meeting, was asked if he favored a cease-fire in the campaign north of Israel's border. "I think so," he said. "I think it would be very difficult to justify continuing on."
That's the epitome of intellectual laziness. It's simple "to justify continuing on." The justification is made by saying that a sovereign nation has a right to defend itself against any foreign enemy, especially against a terrorist organization that's stated that it wants Israel eliminated.

It's time that the people of Pennsylvania's Twelfth District ask Rep. Murtha why it's difficult to justify the doctrine of self defense. I'd bet that the vast majority of CD-12 residents wouldn't agree with Murtha's statement.

What's more disgusting to me is that Murtha isn't satisfied with losing wars for the U.S. Now he's trying to 'help' Israel not protect itself. I'd doubt that Pennsylvania's voters want him worrying about things that don't pertain to representing them.

Murtha's arrogance is showing and it isn't a flattering picture. He's taken it upon himself to be a contrarian with anything that President Bush says. The American people know what he's doing. They know that he's changed his 'beliefs' for the sole purpose of grabbing more political power.

Comparing Murtha's diatribes with Diana Irey's composed, thoughtful rebuttals offer Pennsylvania's voters a stark contrast, a contrast that doesn't favor Rep. Murtha.
Referring to the Bush administration's position, he said: "You know, they say, 'Well, we want a long-term cease-fire.' It seems to me you start with a cease-fire, and then you try to work out the details long term. If you don't, and you continue to have heavy-handed military action, and I support heavy-handed military action because it saves your own troops, but it creates enemies, and that's the problem we have."
It's lost on Murtha that it's important that you dismantle an enemy's ability to kill you. It's also lost on Murtha that there isn't a way to fix this problem longterm. It's only possible to tamp it down from time to time.
Mr. Murtha said the fighting risked hardening against Israel the "hearts and minds" of Lebanese civilians within the general population, beyond Israel's entrenched enemies in the Shiite militia.
Israel has had the support of Lebanese Christians. It's worth noting that Lebanese entrepreneurs don't buy into jihad. They'd prefer living in a modern society rather than in the medieval society that doesn't hesitate in treating women like property. It's impossible to picture Israel winning the "hearts and minds" of Hezbollah. This argument isn't based in logic but is more rooted in being a contrarian to anything Bush.

Last but not least, there's this Murtha whopper:
Mr. Murtha expressed confidence in his re-election prospects, insisting that his position had been welcomed by military service members he had encountered in his district.
I don't believe that line for a split second. If I were a Murtha skeptic, which I am, I'd parse that sentence might mean that he's had to avoid most active duty, reserve and retired military personnel for that statement to be accurate. The other possibility is that he's only talked with military people who've written him expressing an anti-war attitude. Either way, it's alot of sidestepping to do.

These are just more reasons why Murtha Must Go.

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