Saturday, August 05, 2006

Irey to Cleland: Did Marines Kill Civilians In Cold Blood?

In anticipation of Max Cleland's campaign appearance at a Murtha rally, GOP House candidate Diana Irey issued a press release asking Cleland if he agreed with Murtha that Marines had killed innocent civilians "in cold blood" in Haditha, Iraq. Here's part of that press release:
"Senator, are you aware that's exactly what Jack Murtha has done? Senator, are you aware that on May 17 of this year, Jack Murtha said U.S. Marines at Haditha had 'killed innocent civilians in cold blood', before the first Marine had been charged, before the first court-martial had been convened, before the first soldier had been convicted? Senator, do you agree?"
Thursday, Max Cleland defended John Murtha on Softball with Mike Barnicle by trying to change perceptions. I documented Cleland's misrepresentations here and here. It's pretty obvious that Max Cleland won't answer anything that goes to the heart of the matter on Murtha's Haditha Marines accusations because he knows that once the subject becomes about whether Murtha had the right to ignore the Constitution, it's over. Game. Set. Match.

Max Cleland got favorable treatment from Mike Barnicle because he painted the picture that the "Bush Slime Machine" was criticizing Murtha for challenging Bush's Iraq War policy. Cleland knew that isn't why these veterans were upset with Murtha. They all fought so we could enjoy our First Amendment liberties. The vets that rallied for Diana Irey were doing so because they didn't like how Murtha hung the Haditha Marines out to dry before the investigation was finished. They rallied for Diana Irey because they know she won't play politics with national security.

I suspect that the citizens of PA-12 already noticed what Murtha isn't talking about and have thrown alot of their support to Diana Irey. I suspect that they're supporting her because she isn't so arrogant as to think that she can play judge, jury and executioner. I suspect that they're supporting her because they know she reflects their values the way Murtha probably once did.

As I pointed out here, John Murtha's 'beliefs' have changed since 2003. They've changed dramatically and not for the better.

That's another reason why Murtha Must Go.

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