Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Regarding circular firing squads...

This from a moveon.org email:
.. Dear MoveOn member,

Two years ago Republican operatives calling themselves "Swift Boat Veterans" smeared John Kerry. This year the same people are at it again—starting with attacks on John Murtha.

No damn way we're going to let them get away with that. We saw this coming and instead of playing defense we're ready to go on offense.

We've prepared a hard-hitting new TV ad about Iraq to move this fight into the congressional districts of vulnerable Republicans. But to flood the airways in these places we need to raise $500,000 this week. Can you chip in $50 or more today?


If we raise the money we'll put the ads on TV in six key districts—places we can win especially because of frustration with Iraq. That'll make a sweeping Democratic takeover even more possible.
And on to the website:

Contribute To Put New Ads on


New TV Ad

Hard-hitting new TV ads about Iraq will put Republican candidates on defense and help win in November. These ads are tested and targeted to maximize their impact. To put these ads on TV we need to raise $500,000 this week. In the ad, a dump truck dumps bags of cash in the desert--a depiction of the billions we're spending in Iraq.

The emboldened text in the above-quote says it all. Truth be told, the left (and I'm including one Congressman John P. Murtha in that fold) doesn't give a flying f*ck in a rolling donut about our troops or their mission.

Make no mistake. To the left wing fever swamp, It is all about the power.

In their irretractible, incurable manifestations of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome (yes--and John Murtha has it, too) they loudly proclaim, "Damn the soldiers--damn the victory over terrorists--damn our national security--we just want ours!" while being completely blind to the fact that the soldiers in Iraq are fighting Islamic jihadists whose hate knows no boundaries or international borders; whose hate does not discriminate between conservative, liberal, or even far left fever swamp moonbats.

With their BDS at a fever pitch, the moveon.org left can't separate politics from what is a literal fight for our very lives and livelihoods. They live in a faux T.V. sitcom vacuum dream world, absolutely and utterly oblivious to the real-world consequences and implications of their actions. They fail to (or at worst refuse to) recognize that the undermining of our war efforts only serve to put their own children's futures at risk.

In their blind zeal to put Bush before a proverbial firing squad, they fail to realize that in the process, and when all is said and done, along with endangering their nation, they have placed themselves in their own crosshairs.

Absolute blithering, short-sighted idiots.