Sunday, August 06, 2006

..Two words...

From Inside the Beltway:
Political campaigns are forever in search of the perfect sound bite, a catchphrase that will resonate with voters. In the green hills and hollows surrounding Monongahela, Pa., Republican congressional nominee Diana Irey didn't need to look far for hers.

"If you're wondering how it is that this little congressional campaign in southwestern Pennsylvania is attracting so much attention, I've got two words for you: Jack Murtha," she says of her Democratic opponent, the most outspoken member of Congress against the U.S.-led war in Iraq (and now the target of a lawsuit by a Marine Corps staff sergeant who claims Mr. Murtha defamed him in the latest case of slain Iraqi civilians).

Indeed, Mrs. Irey says people from all over the country are making contributions to her campaign. And this week she reported another milestone — "our one-millionth hit to our Web site."

"To date, we've received contributions from each of the 50 states, and we've even received contributions online from American soldiers on the ground in Iraq," she adds. "When Jack Murtha says 'we can't win this militarily,' and counsels retreat and surrender in the war on terror, that doesn't just affect southwestern Pennsylvania, it affects the entire country."
Exactly. Murtha stirred up a righteous hornet's nest when he made his slanderous comments. He has made his bed, and is finding out that it is a rather uncomfortable one to sleep in.