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Jack Murtha Still On The Campaign Trail...

But not in Pennsylvania, where he is supposed to be running for congress against Diana Irey, but in New Jersey. That's right, a Pennsylvania congressman participating in townhall meetings in another state two weeks before the election.

Jack Murtha seems to spend an awful lot of time worrying about everything else going on in the world, like the war in Iraq or who will be running the house in Washington, then he does about his hometown and his homestate where and for whom he was elected to represent. For the past year of his term you would think he was running for president by his actions and words, like the ones uttered so boldly at the townhall meeting featured below where he and the rest of the Democrats have already backed up the moving trucks as if the elections were held last week and the have already been crowned kings and queens of the castle.
North Jersey Media Group providing local news, sports & classifieds for Northern New Jersey!: "LITTLE FALLS -- If the Democrats retake the House of Representatives in the elections next month, they will hold Bush administration officials accountable for the war in Iraq, the burgeoning federal deficit and the administration's secrecy, Reps. John 'Jack' Murtha and Bill Pascrell Jr. told a crowd of several hundred at Montclair State University Monday.

'When we're elected in January, we'll find out what the facts are and hold people accountable,' Murtha said.
Somebody should tell the old geezer and his buddy in New Jersey the election is in two weeks, which they better spend more time thinking about, than the pre-ordained coronation of which they allude to and dream of in January. What an insult it is to conclude that they have already won this election, but insulting the American people and their constituents is nothing new to Jack, or he would be at home talking to his constituents not in New Jersey talking to someone elses.
Pascrell, D-Paterson, and Murtha, the Pennsylvania congressman who became one of the Democrats' leading critics of the Bush administration's handling of the war in Iraq when he called for the withdrawal of American forces, hosted a town hall meeting to discuss national security and ending the war. The war in Iraq costs Americans $8 billion a month, or $11 million an hour, Murtha said. 'This money is borrowed money,' he said. 'When these young folks come back from the war, they're going to be paying for this for the rest of their lives.'"
Jack has never heard the phrase "you can pay me now or you can pay me later" it appears, but we all know he knows that phrase because he used it in some clandestine meetings about 30 years ago with some supposed Arab sheiks in a darkened hotel room discussing what he could do for them and what they could do for him. Doubt that? Then watch the tape and read the transcript located in the sidebar and refresh your memory. Maybe Jack should do the same.

Other published estimates of the cost of the Iraq war range from $1 billion to $7.1 billion per month.

Pascrell, who is running for a sixth term, said America cannot win the war in Iraq or the war on terror through military means alone, but must use diplomatic and political means to normalize relations with the world's Muslim nations. "We must engage in a global strategy for an exchange of ideas," Pascrell said.

Murtha introduced legislation last year in the House of Representatives that called for American troops in Iraq to be redeployed at the earliest possible date. Pascrell said he is a strong supporter of Murtha's legislation. Murtha, too, is seeking re-election next month.

Murtha, who is considering a run for House Majority Leader should the Democrats retake the House of Representatives, is a 37-year veteran of the Marine Corps and the ranking minority member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee,according to the congressman's Web site. He has served in Congress since 1974, and advised presidents of both parties on military and defense.

Some attendees said they supported the congressmen's views.

"It's inspiring to hear leaders speak of going in a new direction economically, politically and militarily," said Elyssa Serrillo , 27 a graduate student.

Inspiring to hear the calls for the Unites States to cut and run from yet another war, go in a new direction politically, economically and militarily? We'll be doing that in arab robes and you in a Bhurka sweetheart if we listen to the two men you adore so much and the plans they and their cohorts have if elected next month. They will spend more time fighting president Bush than they will the enemies of the US, of that much you can be sure.

Cassy Smith , of the Essex County group South Mountain Peace Action,got Murtha and Pascrell to sign a petition for a practical withdrawal from Iraq, she said.

"I felt like, finally, someone is listening to all this work that we've done," Smith said.

However, two elderly men, dressed in satin bomber jackets, heckled Pascrell and especially Murtha, calling him "the enemy from within." The two men left the meeting shouting but did not identify themselves or talk to the press.

Pascrell dismissed the men's assertions, saying "The real enemy from within is in the White House."

So nice of the author of this article to give the last two lines to the "two elderly men" they so dismissively feature at the end dressed in bomber jackets who did not talk to the press. Maybe they who most likely faught in WWII and or Korea judging by their described age, don't have the lust for the limelight like the two elderly men on the stage do.

Seems to me the only elderly men that the press wanted to hear anyway were the two on the stage that should be the ones leaving the stage in a couple of weeks one can only hope for good, for the good of their constituents, for the good of the military and the we, the United States of America.

For once and for all, Murtha Must Go.

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