Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another Example of The Left Spinning What it Wants to See

Here is the latest surrounding Ann Coulter's harmless fragging remark late last week from NewsMax and RightWing News, the latter who's email interview with Ann has sparked a looney left firestorm.

"Coulter Didn't Suggest Fragging Murtha: Newsmax: "The latest media furor over Ann Coulter - best-selling author of the No. 1 best-selling book 'Godless: The Church of Liberalism' - centers on reports that she suggested 'fragging' Rep. John Murtha. Those reports are blatantly untrue, but that hasn't stopped such Coulter critics as Editor & Publisher magazine from spreading the falsehood under the headline 'Latest Ann Coulter Outrage: 'On 'Fragging' John Murtha.'"

Question: If said fragger's target is a known U.S. traitor congressman, can that technically be called a fragging anyway? (just some Murtha humor for all you humorless liberals, get it?-haha.).

"In an e-mail interview by John Hawkins at the Right Wing News Web site, Coulter was asked to give her opinion of certain people, among them anti-war Congressman Murtha, D-Pa. In a style familiar to journalists who have quizzed her via e-mail, Coulter responded with her characteristic single brief line: 'The reason soldiers invented 'fragging.''"

Sounds more like a tongue-in-cheek remark to me. This is what RightWing News has to say about it today. And for some balance here's what the tolerant libs at the democratic underground, upset over her harmless remark have to say about Anne Coulter. As you can imagine the hateful rhetoric there far surpasses anything intimated by Ann.

Or here: Maybe the left forgets about the Loony Lib hero Ward Churchill calling for the fragging of our troops, or the wonderful liberal troop supporters pictured to the left. As anyone can see she did not say what the looney left wanted to hear, that being that she wanted to see Murtha killed. Just his rebuke or censure for the Haditha remarks and then his removal from his present congressional positon in November by Murtha Slayer Diana Irey would be enough for Ann and most of her supporters I'm sure (count me as among them).

All this firestorm about her hardly one sentence coming from the party that trots out time after time representatives calling for or hoping for the assasination of our president and other US allied world leaders.

This is just another example of the left wing holding everyone else to a seperate set of standards then themselves, hence the nickname Limosine Liberals or as Michelle Malkin refers to them GulfStream Libs. Al Gore flying around in private jets whilst railing to the rest of us about so called Global Warming is no doubt another classic one.

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