Thursday, June 15, 2006

From Judge, Jury & Executioner to the Witness Stand...

John Murtha, one man judicial dynamo? Today the Washington Times breaks news that self appointed "Judge" Murtha may find himself being dragged into the witness stand in any upcoming trials that result from charges against the Kilo Company Marines, thanks in part to his premature public admonitions causing undue influence on Marine commanders for charges to be brought at all thus poisoning potential juror pools. Those Marines thank you again, John. (not)
Marine may call Murtha as witness - Nation/Politics - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper: "A criminal defense attorney for a Marine under investigation in the Haditha killings says he will call a senior Democratic congressman as a trial witness, if his client is charged, to find out who told the lawmaker that U.S. troops are guilty of cold-blooded murder.

Attorney Neal A. Puckett told The Washington Times that Gen. Michael Hagee, the Marine commandant, briefed Rep. John P. Murtha, Pennsylvania Democrat, on the Nov. 19 killings of 24 Iraqis in the town north of Baghdad. Mr. Murtha later told reporters that the Marines were guilty of killing the civilians in 'cold blood.' Mr. Murtha said he based his statement on Marine commanders, whom he did not identify.

Mr. Puckett said such public comments from a congressman via senior Marines amount to 'unlawful command influence.' He said potential Marine jurors could be biased by the knowledge that their commandant, the Corps' top officer, thinks the Haditha Marines are guilty.

'Congressman Murtha will be one of the first witnesses I call to the witness stand,' Mr. Puckett said yesterday. " read more

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