Saturday, June 17, 2006

Murtha: A good track record for being wrong...

Flopping Aces has a great reminder of Murtha's track record for being dead wrong

MURTHA: The thing that disturbed me and worries me about this whole thing is we can’t get them to change direction. And I said over and over in debate, if you listen to any of it, in Beirut President Reagan changed direction, in Somalia President Clinton changed direction, and yet here, with the troops out there every day, suffering from these explosive devices, and being looked at as occupiers — 80 percent of the people want us out of there — and yet they continue to say, “We’re fighting this thing.” We’re not fighting this. The troops are fighting this thing. That’s who’s doing the fighting.
Steve Spruiell writes, Osama Bin Laden learned a great deal from Somalia and the cowardly way that Clinton conducted it:

“After leaving Afghanistan, the Muslim fighters headed for Somalia and prepared for a long battle, thinking that the Americans were like the Russians,” bin Laden said. “The youth were surprised at the low morale of the American soldiers and realized more than before that the American soldier was a paper tiger and after a few blows ran in defeat. And America forgot all the hoopla and media propaganda … about being the world leader and the leader of the New World Order, and after a few blows they forgot about this title and left, dragging their corpses and their shameful defeat.”

What an unbelievable moron this guy has turned out to be, and dangerous. Running from those fights did more to enbolden Al-Qaeda then anything and he thinks that is a good thing. Typical Vietnam hippie.

Read the whole thing. It also includes a video of Murtha's comments.