Monday, June 26, 2006

Talk About Great News!!!

I just visited Wizbang Politics. While there, I got this shot of good news:
You have to hand it to this guy - he seems hellbent on turning Pennsylvania's 12-7 Republican delegation to 13-6.
Alex McClure is one of the most astute, if not the most astute, polibloggers out there. In fact, his predictions for the 04 presidential election were phenominal. He predicted one state wrong: Alex had Kerry winning Iowa if memory serves correctly. He had the net pickups of the Senate exactly right.

That's why I give special recognition of his saying Murtha's "hellbent on turning Pennsylvania's 12-7 Republican delegation to 13-6." This shouldn't be taken as a flippant remark but rather as serious analysis of the state of the race in PA CD-12. The bottom line is that I wouldn't be betting much on Murtha getting re-elected this November.

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