Friday, June 16, 2006

Desperation amongst the Murtha BDS 5th column brigade continues...

Now Maxine Waters is getting into the act...
WASHINGTON, June 16 /U.S. Newswire/ -- On the one year anniversary of the founding of the 72 member "Out of Iraq" Congressional Caucus, U.S. Representative Maxine Waters (CA-35), the Chair and one of the group's founding members today launched a campaign to tell the American public the truth about H. J. Res. 73, more commonly known as the "Murtha Plan" and to draw the public's attention to the Bush Administration's incompetent handling of the Iraq war. The anniversary and the launch of the campaign have occurred during the heated debate on H. Res. 861, the divisive Republican resolution on the war in Iraq.

"The Republican's plan is to "stay the course" in Iraq regardless the consequences," said Rep. Waters. "In sharp contrast to their meandering, aimless policy the Murtha Resolution will provide finality. It is the best plan in Congress. It redeploys our troops out of Iraq on a timetable established by US military leaders while safeguarding our allies and our security in the Middle East.

Rep. Waters will be conducting extensive public outreach and talking directly to the American public to build support for the surrender monkeyMurtha Resolution, which will prevent anymore US troops from being sent to Iraq. It will allow US military leaders on the ground to determine when best to redeploy our men and women in uniform. The resolution calls for a contingent of Marines to remain in the Middle East to respond to threats that destabilize our allies in the region or the national security of the United States. Finally, it will supplant prolonged military intervention with good faith diplomatic outreach as the primary way to pursue security and stability in Iraq.

"Iraq has become synonymous with corruption, ineptness, inadequate planning, and duplicity on the part of the Administration and Congressional Republicans. At this point, the continuation of this war is based on ego -- not principle," Waters added.
Are you sure you don't have the war in Iraq mixed up with the inner workings of the democrat party, Ms. Waters?

It is amazing to me that Murtha and the surrender monkeys on the left continue to ignore the progress made in Iraq, much like a little kid plugging his ears and screaming, "lalalalalalala"

If they would have had their way, Zarqawi would still be ruling the terrorist roost.

But Murtha and his surrender monkey minions will ignore the progress made in Iraq at their own peril. As the 2004 elections have proven, the democrat party can no longer count on the MSM to do the whole job of propagating their propaganda.

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