Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another respected publication pins Murtha down!

From the OpinionJournal:

As for Mr. Murtha's proposal that U.S. forces should redeploy to some nearby part of the Middle East, this is merely a disguise for what everyone would understand was a defeat in Iraq. Anyone who doubts it should merely listen to Mr. Murtha, who said again yesterday on NBC's Meet the Press that "We can't win a war like this." It's more accurate to say that our troops have a harder time winning a war with political leaders as inconstant as Mr. Murtha, who voted to commit U.S. troops but now lacks the will to finish the job.
Murtha's chances for re-election cannot long withstand the wrath of angry Americans who have become increasingly irritated by his dangerous rhetoric. The more Murtha opens his pie hole, the bigger target he makes himself in the national media and elsewhere. The good people of Pennsylvania's 12th CD could not help but take notice what an embarrassment Murtha has become to their area of the world.

All this blogger can say is, John Murtha is making his own bed.