Monday, June 26, 2006

Murtha Opposed NY Times Printing of Secret Finance Program?

A moment of clarity for Mad Man Murtha? Not quite. This according to Michelle Malkin via A.J. Strata's reporting.
The Strata-Sphere » Blog Archive » Breaking News: Murtha Begged Keller Not To Expose Terrorist Program: Excerpt: "Keller is doing an interview on CNN at 7:05 PM Eastern and has dropped a bomb shell bit of news. There were three people outside the administration who asked the NY Times to not expose the terrorist financial transaction monitoring program. Two of them from the 9-11 Commission where the co-chairs Lee Hamilton and Thomas Keane. The third person who tried to tell the NY Times they should not expose this important program was Democrat Representative John “Jack” Murtha! That’s right - Mad Murtha himself. Of course, this makes sense in an odd way. Murtha would rather not fight terrorism militarily, and this financial tracking program was a good option to military action."

Ah Ha! That explains it, more ulterior motives not unlike his behind the scenes manipulating to jockey for the speaker of the house position a few weeks back should the Dhimmocrats win seats in November.

Michelle has alot more on the story here.