Thursday, June 22, 2006

Irey Renews Call for Murtha Apology

Following the initial report by Army Major General Eldon Bargewell, Republican candidate Diana Irey is demanding Murtha apologize for saying that there was a coverup of the Haditha incident. Here's Ms. Irey's statement:
"Jack Murtha owes Marine officers an apology, and I'm here to demand it on their behalf. On May 28, appearing on the ABC News show This Week with George Stephanopoulos,' Jack Murtha was asked about the actions of Marine commanders after Haditha, 'So you believe there was a cover-up?' Here's what he said:
"No question about it There's no question about what happened. And the problem is, who covered it up? And why did they cover it up? Why did they wait so long? We don't know how far it goes. I mean, it goes right up the chain of command. Right up to General Pace. When did he know about it? Did he order the cover-up? Who ordered the cover-up?'
"Yesterday's Los Angeles Times reported that Army Major General Eldon Bargewell's report into whether or not there was a cover-up which has yet to be released publicly suggests there was no deliberate cover-up by senior Marine officers.'
"The Los Angeles Times report regarding Gen. Bargewell's report indicates that some Marine officers in the chain of command may have failed properly to follow up with an investigation. But failing to follow up, and missing red flags,' as the report supposedly says, is not at all the same thing as investigating, finding something terrible happened, and then deliberately covering up misdeeds. The difference goes to the question of motivation and intent. To suggest otherwise, is to suggest that the off duty cop who pulls a gun on a robber in a 711 is no better than the robber that pulls a gun on the store clerk, because both of them like to pull guns on people.
"Jack Murtha was wrong when he said there was no question about it' regarding a cover-up. He was wrong to smear the men and women of our Armed Forces before the first Marine had been charged, before the first court-martial had been convened, before the first soldier had been convicted. He was wrong to act as prosecutor, judge, and jury before all the evidence was in. The only REAL question remaining is, is Jack Murtha man enough to admit he was wrong and apologize to the Marine officers he smeared?"
The answer to that "REAL question" is no. He isn't willing to admit he intentionally sullied these Marines good name. Admitting that he isn't a saint as pure as the driven snow isn't what Murtha's about. He isn't a saint and he surely isn't as pure as the driven snow. He's a sleazy character who's got a history of ethical lapses.

Like I've said, the Agenda Media won't tell you about his past indescretions (Like being an unidicted co-conspirator in Abscam) but he doesn't get a pass on this blog. For that matter, he won't get a pass from anyone in the Right Blogosphere.

To the good people in PA CD-12, don't you want someone whose integrity hasn't been challenged, someone who shares your values, not Nancy Pelosi's values? If that's what you're looking for, then Diana Irey is the person you're looking for.

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