Friday, June 16, 2006

Pelosi's Speech on H Res. 861

Here's some 'highlights' from Nancy Pelosi's speech during the House debate on H Res. 861:
"At the opening of this debate, Mr. Skelton asked the House to observe a moment of silence for the 2,500 troops that we have lost in the war in Iraq. The number is a staggering one, but we mourn them one person at a time. I hope their families will live with great pride. I know they will live with great sorrow. My uncle was killed at the Battle of the Bulge and for my father's entire life, it was as if it had happened yesterday."
Ms. Pelosi should take a look at the casualties for the Battle of the Bulge. Here's what I found through a Google search:
  • 100,000 German casualties, killed, wounded or captured.
  • 81,000 American casualties, including 23,554 captured and 19,000 killed.
  • 1,400 British casualties, 200 killed.
I'm not suggesting that 2,500 fatalities isn't significant in human terms. What I'm suggesting is that it's statistically insignificant when compared with other wars. Let's put this in perspective. The Battle of the Bulge officially started on December 16, 1944 and lasted until January 25, 1945, a total of 40 days. If we just count American fatalities, almost 600 fatalities were sustained daily for over a month. We've sustained almost 10 times fewer fatalities in 3+ years in Iraq than they sustained in 40 days of war at the Battle of the Bulge.

Let's also state for the purposes of this discussion that Ms. Pelosi meant what she said that "the number is a staggering one." If she means that, then it's likely that she doesn't have a stomach for war. After all, compared with other wars, this war's fatalities are historically mild.
"The Bush Iraq policy has diverted resources and attention from what should be the focus of our effort against terrorism in places like Afghanistan. The lack of stability and deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan is a casualty of the war in Iraq."
So now she's agreeing with Jean Francois that Afghanistan is the only place where global terrorists hide? What a ditz.

The war has not made our country safer, it has not made our military stronger, it has caused great damage to our reputation in the world, and it has hindered the fight against terrorism.

Ms. Pelosi, perhaps you didn't read that VP Dick Cheney says that "Saddam's ouster was a blow to international terrorism" and that "Iraq was a safe haven for terrorists, it had a guy running it who had started two wars, who had produced and used weapons of mass destruction" and "It's also, I think, in part responsible for the fact that we haven't been hit again in nearly five years. That's no accident," Cheney said.

Ms. Pelosi's endless whining that this war hasn't made us safer is comparable with Howard Dean's saying that "we can't win this war." While the moonbat idiots that make up the majority of the Democratic base might believe that, no one who's paid a lick of attention agrees with her.
“And in doing so, I am pleased to join Mr. Murtha and Mr. Skelton and I salute them for their patriotism and dedication to our country. They are second to none in this Congress in looking out for the troops and for being concerned and knowledgeable about troop readiness, about the strains on our military that this war is putting upon them, and deterring our ability to respond to other threats. I salute them for their leadership and their courage, because here we have the Republicans putting on the floor a vacuous resolution, a challenge that if you want to say you support the troops you have to vote for this; that day is over."
Murtha used to be a patriot until he got intoxicated with the limelight in the aftermath of his "immediate redeployment" proposal. Now he more closely resembles a punch-drunk prizefighter who's making an idiot of himself. The shame is that he's so far gone that he hasn't noticed how bad of shape he's in.

Furthermore, he's become so convinced of his moral superiority that he's thrown out the Constitution and assumed the role of judge, jury and executioner. He's no longer a hero or a patriot. He's a disgrace who's got to go, preferably this November.

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