Sunday, June 25, 2006

"A Frustrated Jarhead Speaks"

From WorldNetDaily Today: "In a recent column, I talked about how the 'support' the left has offered the troops is anything but. Apparently, it hit a vein as I have been swamped with e-mail from as far away as Iraq and as close as my hometown – most of it from active and retired servicemen.

..Now we are told that our soldiers had their genitals cut off and stuffed into their mouth. They were beheaded. They were tortured unmercifully while still alive by the disciples of Allah, and I hear no words of outrage from the "left" today.

While I would love to publish the mail I get from Iraq, it is probably inappropriate at this time. Suffice to say they pay little attention to the likes of Murtha. They are too busy fighting a WAR. However, there was one letter I received that should be read by ever politician in America. It reflects the overwhelming emotion the public is experiencing given the silence and the lack of coverage our two brave soldiers have received over their brutal slaughter at the hands of the enemy. An enemy that has no face, no uniform and no regard for any human life.

Phil is a retired Marine who is 55 years old. He would do anything to, once again, put on the uniform of the country he loves and fight against the threat he knows exists. Phil has experience in defending his nation. He did so with valor during Vietnam. He still relies on his instincts of right and wrong to guide his life. So he was compelled to write his friends a letter. The letter speaks for itself and will not be accompanied by any commentary from me. Special thanks to WND for having the backbone to allow the world to hear the true heart and grit of the American Spirit. read the letter