Sunday, June 25, 2006

Support those who defend your freedoms!

Toni at Bear Creek Ledger has this to say:

Support the Camp Pendleton Eight

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I just completed Ilario Pantano’s book “Warlord“. What was clear from Ilario’s trial was that NCIS did a hack job of investigating the charge against Ilario. They based the whole charge on the voice of one witness - Sgt. Coburn, a lying, cowardly Marine who was incompetent and jealous of Pantano. I was astounded by the tunnel vision of NCIS, their lack of interest in verifying or validating the word of one Marine who didn’t have the courage to report the charges. The charges were brought forth by a 3rd party who heard about it via telephone from Coburn. If Ilario Pantano had not been able to raise funds he wouldn’t have received the best defense available to prove his innocence. The organization started by his Mother (Defend the Defenders) raised much of the needed funds. And the Marine Corps drove out of the Corps a stellar officer. I’m not saying not to investigate charges but how about a competent investigation by NCIS where they have no preconceived conclusions. Shame on the higher ups in the Marine Corps.

I hope the same treatment does not happen with the Marines held for the Haditha investigation or the Marines charged for the Hamdania investigation (Camp Pendleton Eight).

I just heard Carl Levin(D,MI) on Fox News Sunday say there was “overwhelming” evidence that the Marines committed this atrocity in Haditha. Guess he hasn’t been reading Sweetness & Light, Michelle Malkin, Chickenhawk, Blue Star Chronicles and many other blogs who are doing the work the dominent media should be doing. But then, that would be wrong since it would appear they are pro-military and they just couldn’t do that. Afterall, the NYT’s and LAT’s ARE pro-Islamic Insurrgent Terrorists!

Here’s three sites you can go to support the Camp Pendleton Eight who are charged in the Hamdania case.

Fighting For Tyler

Innocent Marine

Patriot Defense Fund

Toni asks that if you know of any other organizations that are helping in this matter, let her know and she will post them.