Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wondering what to rent from Blockbuster this weekend?

Try renting Weekend at Zarqie's!~
Don’t miss the laugh-riot as two shameless political careerists sell their veteran status in return for support from the Democrat Party’s anti-American political machine. Watch John Kerry and John Murtha, now known to their former military colleagues as “Jack and Jerk… the OFF brothers” as they hitch their political futures to an American defeat in Iraq.
Read the rest... amd don't miss the photoshop!~


We've been having problems with Blogger...

New posts, although published, are not showing up on the blog.

For the last month or so, Blogger tagged this blog as a "spam blog" making us do word verification with every post.

I've tried twice now to correct the situation with Blogger... each time they sent an email to me telling me that the situation was rectified, and that we would be able to post as usual (the latest email was dated today).

But the word verification is still on, and to top it off, although we can still "publish" new posts, they will not show up on the republished blog.

I'm not ready to don the tinfoil hat yet, but it just seems strange.

I'm not even sure if this revised post will show up, but here goes...


We're up and running, but we still have the damned word verification for posting... ARRGH!