Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Pennsylvania Pulse

Thank you very much, Leo, for allowing me to participate in this very important effort to effect a positive change in both southwestern Pennsylvania and in Washington, D.C. As a resident of the 18th Congressional District in the suburban Pittsburgh area, I am not a constituent of John Murtha. However, I do recognize the impact that the neighboring 12th District's race has on races nationwide. Murtha's abandonment of support for the armed forces has turned an otherwise quiet bid for re-election to a safe seat into a competitive contest against a credible opponent in Diana Irey.

As a contributor to MMG, I will be keeping an eye on the media coverage in Pittsburgh and vicinity. This is easier said than done; as Leo pointed out earlier today, MSM coverage of the race in the Pittsburgh market is almost non-existent. It has gotten to the point where the local papers and stations simply sit back and let the national media do all of the work. When there is any local coverage to speak of, I will be here to report and comment on it.