Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One Marine speaks out on Murtha...

Something tells me that this soldier is not speaking alone:

To all those who shall read this; Greetings.

Know ye that the special trust and bond of brotherhood between Marines has forever been the essence of our esprit de corps.

Know ye that Marines always have and always will watch out for each other, every day from the day we first wear the eagle globe and anchor, until we have drawn our last breath, and our hearts lay forever still.

Know ye that it is a bond forged in in centuries of blood, sweat and tears wherever we have marched.

Know ye that being forged in such fires of combat it is not a trivial matter, and is not forgotten easily.

Know ye also, that while this bond supports and encourages the noblest of warrior virtue, it breeds the opposite if betrayed.

Let it be known that Colonel Murtha, USMC has so betrayed this bond. He has, for personal gain amongst the lowliest of our nation, and in standing with his disreputable new colleagues, endermined the mission that the US Marines have been ordered to carry out, he has also not only failed to speak up for his brothers dying in foreign lands, he has now gone so far as to condemn them out of hand. He has betrayed his borthers to their enemies, foreign and domestic. He has committed the ultimate sin amongst Marines; He has put himself before the Corps.

Therefore, let it be known to all who may pass by here that Colonel Murtha, USMC is disavowed, and is brother too this Marine no more.

So be it, from this day forward, until the end of the Corps.

Respectfully Submitted,
-doc Russia

As Murtha's seditious rhetoric continues to poison the airwaves, dead tree media and internet, it will be a certainty that Marines will continue to speak out (now 553 strong) against him.


Howdy's Blog has this regarding another Marine's disgust with Murtha:

Out of the mouth of a Capt B, a fellow Marine serving in Iraq:

"Holy Crap Bat Man I could write a whole Blog entry on Sen Murtha. He came here in Iraq a couple months ago. Praising us for what a great job we did. He visited places out west like Haditha and told the Marines there “we are going to let you finish what you started” as I listened. He probed about requirements and gear and moral and was somewhat disappointed that we had what we needed and kept asking well what do you really need trying to find a problem. HE defiantly just pissed off a majority of the military now and has gone 180 degree from what he was saying and preaching about “Finishing the job” when he was face to face with us. He has been to Iraq ONCE for 3 days. Everything he is saying now is exactly the opposite of what he was saying when he was with us. He makes sound like he is a front line troop as he speaks. He is two faced and I have seen it first hand standing in front of him as he spoke to us. This is a very sad ploy by the democrats and will do nothing but hurt our troops."

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